Post-It-Note Project

"Be the change you wish to see in the world."
~ Mahatma Gandhi

These words resonate with me....they drive me to DO better and BE better

I am now a woman on a mission, and I need your help

What were out somewhere and you found a note that said this....

Or maybe this.....

And there will be a day when we all need to hear this.....

Are you ready to find out how we can all "be the change"?

All you need is this...

and this....

And an attitude of encouragement, positivity, and hope that you can make someones day {maybe even their life} better

So here is the challenge....THE POST-IT-NOTE PROJECT is simple
Write your notes and share them....

Put them on the gas pump before you drive off
leave one inside a restaurant menu
place one on a box of Mac-and-cheese at the grocery store....

You get the idea....just spread the love!


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Creative Carmella
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  1. I just love it! I have post it notes all over, for my forgetfulness and for inspiration! :)

  2. Have I told you lately how incredible you are. I love this idea so much I wanted to share it with everyone, so I posted on FB and My blog today. Hope you have a great week.

  3. Last year, when my middle daughter was a senior, she walked into a the school bathroom and saw a post it that simply said, "YOU are beautiful." Made her day! Even though the person who left the post it had posted one in every bathroom of the school. My daughter took a pic of it and said she would like to do the same thing sometime! You just never know when a simple word or phrase may change someone's life. Thanks for this, I plan on doing it!

  4. This is so so so awesome!!!! I'll getting in on this. :D

  5. I love this idea...I am going to start doing this at the school where I work...

  6. I had to let you know...I wrote out about a dozen post it notes today and I put them in mailboxes at out school. I am anxious to see if anyone says anything about them...I didn't put my name on them...just wrote little words of encouragement. It was lots of fun...I'm thinking I may continue for the month of February to share the love...Thanks for the idea.

  7. I did more of these today...such fun...I'm loving this.
    Thanks for the idea...

  8. I was feeling unbearably down tonight,and am so thankful I found this idea. I'm a post-it, note writing, crazy mom, wife, daughter, neighbor... and after 5 kids( down to the last one at hm, she's 15) reminded me that maybe some of those lil notes weren't all in vain. I will continue everyday as usual and give them to "everyone".If for no other reason, it makes me feel good. Your amazing...Thanks so very Much!

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