Saturday, August 1, 2015

DIY Shadow Box

Hi! It's me... I am here, actually blogging?! I am just as surprised as you are, trust me haha! When I started to write this post, I had to go back and look to see when my last post was... and it was Easter?! Easter, people!

So, before I show you this super easy DIY project, maybe I should spend some time filling you in on what I've been up to... because I am positive you have been loosing sleep over my whereabouts, haha!

This year has already been a whirlwind of jewelry making here in Creative Carmella land. It's still very much a one woman show, so between balancing family, jewelry making, and everyday life some days there's not a lot of me left for anything else. I have had to make some decisions about what to say "yes" to and what it's okay to simply say, "thank you for the opportunity, but I have to say no right now." I know now that saying yes to everything means I have to say no to the people that need me the most and I just wasn't okay with that so big changes happened. I started praying and that brought my attention right back to where it needed to be and guess what?? Business picked up in ways I never imagined it would. I am still a very small business but when I got all of my priorities in line, God has opened doors for this little business of mine like never before... all while keeping me right at home taking care of my family and myself too. Balance. It's such a beautiful thing, and I do believe I am finally on track to know exactly what that feels like.

 So... the moral of that little story? Give yourself permission to say, "NO!", you can say it nicer than that for sure, but just don't forget to say it when you know you need to!

Summertime has always been a favorite time for me with my kiddos.... life slows down, the "yes mom" comes out, and we just love to have fun together. I close my online shop for 8 weeks so that I can give them even more of my attention and it makes easing back into school and jewelry making just a little easier when summer comes to an end. Saying yes to them is always my favorite yes :)

Summertime also opens up a little more time to try new creative projects...most of them have been running around my mind for months before I actually have a little time to make them happen. Here's one of the easiest DIY projects I may have ever done, but I can't stop smiling about it!

This little project idea started in our garden...
If you follow me on Instagram you know that I love flowers... I love growing them, picking them, and more recently painting them too!
With all this summertime flower love going on, I was happy to finally turn my idea into a way to let these little blooms shine!
I started with a painted drawer that measures 7.5 inches by 13 inches. Next, I added rub on decals that I found at JoAnn, they are Tim Holtz brand if you want to look for them online as well.
These decals are so fun, one sheet has 100 different design opportunities, the hardest part might just be deciding which decals you should use.
I made sure to space them according to the jar I would be using inside the shadow box allowing room for the flowers too...
The only thing left to do was head out to the garden and fill the jar with pretty flowers. My wildflower garden that I grew from seeds that I received from artist, Katie Daisy, are my absolute favorites!
And there you have it, the easiest DIY project ever!
 Thanks so much for stopping by, I hope you all have a great weekend!


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