Thursday, March 19, 2015

Hello Spring & A Free Watercolor Printable For You

It's obvious that my style of blogging has been doing only one post per year these days.... life sure does just get busy doesn't it?

I haven't forgotten this little corner of my world, but making time for writing and doing creative, crafty things has been overtaken with my small, but growing, business. I won't complain about that, it's been an answered prayer as a way for me to work from home and still be there for my family too. It's pure joy, and something I pray I never take for granted.

Making jewelry is something that I enjoy so much and as happy as I am about making a sparkly something every day, I sometimes need to re-fill my "creative tank" by stepping out of that box and doing other things just for a minute. Know what I mean?

That's where my new found love of watercolor painting steps in....and I am so glad I gave myself time to learn and practice it. It has been a source of so many calming moments lately when I have started to feel overwhelmed. {along with my "French Café" station on Pandora too.... the two together are like a mini vacation!}

I share some of these paintings on Instagram and had some questions about what I use and how to get started. I am in no way a watercolor expert... far from it to be exact but I have learned to just let go of trying to be perfect with it and just enjoy the process.
I start all of my paintings as a pencil sketch. I have a really hard time painting from memory so I usually always have an image as inspiration to help guide me. In this case, it was my "song birds" stamp set I picked up at the post office. As soon as I bought them I knew I wanted to try and paint them. {I find myself doing that with lots of things these days!}
The sketch book that I am using here is from Hobby Lobby, it's called a "visual journal" and it's filled with watercolor paper.  
The paints that I used are from an artist's estate sale, they are from the 60's and still work like a charm. My friend Amanda found them for me and there's just something about using these old paints that I know have created so much art that really inspires me....
Finding time to paint is always a little tricky, I started on this little Mountain Bluebird long before the sun was even up... when all the kiddos were sleeping. Just me, Pandora, and  my coffee {that I accidentally dipped my brush into close to 100 times} haha! I'm sure it added a little more character to this painting!
After I finished four of these little birds, I knew I wanted to break them out of my sketch book and make them into a print.... so that I would have something to share with all of you that have encouraged me so!
Just right-click and save to your computer to print, personal use only please!
I printed this one out on watercolor paper, but you could also use card stock paper as well. I love the colors for spring and will be using my print on my mantle when I finally finish taking down the hearts from Valentine's Day, hehehe :)
I hope you will love it! If you do print one, I would love to see!! Please tag me on Instagram at @creativecarmella
Take care and thanks so much for following along on this creative journey with me!





  1. gorgeous as always!!! thank you for the gift!!!

  2. Love the painting Carmella. Took this computer illiterate Grandma a few times, but I actually figured out how to save it to my computer (I'm learning! lol) and now I'll get Randy to help me print it out and have a picture to hang on my wall. What a beautiful reminder of Spring coming with warm days! Thank you so much! Katy Lamb

  3. Oh my, so excited to give this to my mother & mother in law for Mother's Day. I am writing on the print..."Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?" Matthew 6:26
    What does my song of gratitude look like?
    Thank you! Your art moves me!!

  4. I just stumbled upon your blog and adore it. Your watercolors are so lovely! I'm looking forward to getting to know you and your work more. :)


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