Thursday, April 3, 2014

DIY Tear Off Note Pad

So.... what do you do when you have a mile long to-do list??

Well, if you are just the right amount of crazy, like me, you go ahead and add, "make a to-do list notepad" to your to-do list ;) Hey... I warned you that I was a little crazy...

I give you the "Ain't Nobody Got Time For That ~ To Do List" notepad

I love these little notepads because you can add any picture or wording that you want, and make them in any size you want too!

First, you will need to create an image in a photo software program, I use PicMonkey, and size it according to how you want it to look on your notepad. Next, open your photo in Microsoft word and and move it on the document so that when you cut your paper, it will be in the center of your notepad. I adjusted the margins all to 0" so that I had more freedom in moving the images around. For a notepad this small, I was able to use the image four times, spaced out to make four "pages" of my notepad.

Cut the paper into fourths {if yours is sized like mine} and then cut a piece of cardboard in the same size as the pages. For this you can use the back of old notebooks, scrapbook paper stacks always have a perfect piece of cardboard on the back that you could also use.

The only other things you need for this project are Aleene's Tacky Glue, a paint brush, and binder clips.

Stack your pages together and put the cardboard on the back. Paint a good amount of the tacky glue on the top edge of your notepad, making sure to include the cardboard.

Next, use the binder clips to hold everything in place..

Let it dry for an hour or so and that's it... your own custom notepad!

The glue is perfect for holding the notepad together but still allows you to easily tear the the pages off!

Now... I'm off to go actually finish my to-do list! haha!

Thanks so much for reading!

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