Monday, April 21, 2014

Bryce's Lego Movie Party & Free Lego Movie Printables too!

We celebrated my sweet Bryce's 7th birthday a last weekend. Not sure where the time went, but I can say for sure that this boy has given me 1,000 reasons to smile in those 7 years.

He is truly one of a kind! The hubby and I joke that he wakes up every morning and just can't believe that this gets to be his life..... he is just so happy.

So... for this happy boy's birthday, we headed out to the park with family and friends and celebrated with an absolutely beautiful day!

His awesome cake was made by my beautiful friend, Alison at The Rolling Pin. Not only was is the coolest cake, it was delicious!!

The Lego Movie was a big hit with our kiddos... Bryce even talked me into taking him to see it twice, "Momma, we should go on a date. You can take me to the Lego Movie again!"

He's so cute it worked ;)

Since I started my watercolor painting journey this year... I have discovered skills I never knew I had, like drawing and painting Lego people?! Who knew? This guy is Emmet from the movie and Bryce's favorite character.

These tasty cupcakes were made by Myah... a sweet, beautiful young lady is helping to pay her way to Paris to study abroad and is using her baking skills to get her there! I am SO proud of her, she is so talented! You can find her every Saturday at The Marketplace at Amberleaf selling her baked goods {everything she makes is awesome.... ummmm... or so I have heard ;) }

I was so grateful for such a beautiful day, it was so great to finally have warm weather after the LONG winter. The kids played and played... I could have stayed there forever too, it was just so nice!

This picture just makes me smile... when we got home that evening, Bryce put this set together in about 15 minutes!

And, that's a wrap I guess. Such a fun day to remember, and wouldn't you know, he's already talking about his next birthday party, haha!

Here are the printables I have for you, personal use only :)  Right click the images to save to your computer. 
Upload this image to a photo editing site, I use picmonkey, and add in the text in the box that you want. I used this one for both his invite and his goodie bag tags. 

Once the text has been added, you can open the image in Microsoft Word, resize, and print as many as you need! {I used white card-stock and my home printer and they came out great!}

Here are the cupcake toppers that I painted! Again just right click and save to your computer, open and resize in Microsoft Word and print what you need! {personal use only}

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  1. What a fun birthday party! I love the printables, pinned! Nichole@Or So She Says

  2. These are so fun! Thank you so much!


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