Monday, March 3, 2014

If you never do... you'll never know

Ahhhh, the beauty of a new year and all the potential it holds. It's really hard for me to believe that we are already diving into the third month of this new year... but I just double checked the date, and it is in fact March?!

The good news for me, even though this year is going by so fast already, is that I have been keeping up with my resolution to learn something new. Every year, I try and challenge myself to learn something new or grow more into something that interests me. Last year, I wanted to find a permanent space to set up shop and sell my creations.... check! Next month will mark one year that I have had my booth space at The Marketplace at Amberleaf and I am loving it!! It's been a challenge keeping up with the space at times, but overall I can say that it has only added to my creativity!

This year, I wanted to learn something new. I wanted to learn to watercolor. I knew it would be a challenge, I knew that I would have to really focus if I wanted any of my paintings to turn out {at best} decent. I didn't know if I would be any good at it at all... I didn't know if I would have the time to find this kind of focus to learn something new....

I just didn't know....

But I didn't get hung up on the "I don't knows"... I just made a little time for myself to find out. I had to say no to a few things this year... and, wow, let me tell you there is a lot of freedom in that one little word, "no." but I'll share more on that later. I knew that if I gave into the part of my creative self that was dying to know if I could sketch and paint, I would be happier... and to be honest, I really didn't care if I was good at it at all. 

So, I started sketching.... I started drawing things I saw, and then through the magic of Google research, I started applying some techniques I found to help me learn the beauty that is watercolor painting. I knew that this kind of painting would help me to focus. I struggle so much with focus, and I can say that over the past two months that I have been painting, my mind doesn't wander nearly as much as it did! That was an immediate bonus..... another bonus, I haven't been this relaxed in SO long. 

There is still so much for me to learn, there are about one million classes I want to take.... but for now, I am just going to keep having fun with it and thanking God for this amazing creative outlet.

I took a leap of faith and have just tonight {as in just before I typed this post} opened myself up to selling prints of my paintings... ummm..... what?!?!

If you had asked me this time last year if I ever thought I would have the courage to do something like that I would have called you crazy... but thank goodness I don't let fear hold me back anymore.... If you never do, you'll never know, right? ♥ ♥

You can now find prints of my paintings and photography .... HERE <---- if you use this link to order, you will receive free shipping through March 9th!

Also available on the site are pillows, tote bags and even clocks with my paintings!! 

I can't even believe it! 

Now, I can just paint what my heart and hands agree on and update the shop as I have new creations! 

I want to say thank you to any of you that encouraged me with this in any way... you won't even believe how many times I almost didn't share that very first painting because I was letting fear hold me back. Once I started to share, the amount of emails and messages I have received saying that I had inspired many of you to paint or try something new.... Oh, wow... I am just blown away!

Take care, friends and I'll be back soon with some fun DIY's! Thanks so much for reading!


  1. I am absolutely blown away by your talent! This painting, as with all the others, is just gorgeous. You have a gift girl! Proud of you for being brave enough to discover it!

  2. Amazing! ok, I bought the watercolor kit, you made me want to try :)...I said try!


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