Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Because I never want to forget..... a letter to Liam

Oh, my sweet baby boy.... most of the day you keep me on my toes.

You run... and jump... and fly off of the furniture. You bounce... and slide.... and climb on anything that will hold you. You are all boy, all the time. 

You are my caffeine when my coffee runs out. You are my racing heart when I am sitting still. You are my laugh when I have forgotten the punch line. YOU, are my Liam... my busy, happy, sometimes dangerous, Liam.

But everyday... without fail.... you calm.

 You gather our "book picnic" in the middle of my bed and tell me it's time to read. You hold your little blanket and wait for me to come see what you have gathered. 

You "read" through the first book... and then ask me for some help. You laugh at the funny voices I make and take note if I read too fast.
 "Slow down, Momma."  That's all I need to hear to realize that I am speeding through the happiest part of my day.... so I slow down. 

We read through the first book two times... because even at such an early age, you know that life is just way too short not to start with your favorite book. When we are almost finished reading for the second time... you remind me that we have more to go. I don't need the reminder, because I look forward to it just as much as you do...

When we are all finished with our "book picnic" you let me carry you to your bed for a nap... it's the only time you don't fight sleep, you just know that you need it. What you don't know is that when you rest easy, so do I. I don't take naps {although, I would love to most days}, but I do have a feeling of calm that only comes with knowing that you are settled and happy. 

My sweet boy, I never want to forget how precious this calm time is. In all the busy of our day, I am happy knowing that we will find our calm place again. We will settle in with a good pile of books and let the world fall away for a bit. I am so thankful that as much as our day is full of noise, excitement, and busyness... it is also filled with moments so slow that time feels like it stands still..... and those are the moments, my sweet boy, worth trying to remember forever....

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