Saturday, January 11, 2014

Necklaces into Coats....

{I wrote the following before Christmas and never clicked the publish button... keep reading and you will learn why}

December 20, 2013:

Hello there friends! I hope you all are settling into the Christmas season and are not too overwhelmed with all that we tend to put on ourselves this time of year. Trust me, I know all too well about that. I am working on it... trying to simplify so that my heart and head are on the same page about what Christmas is truly all about. I can feel and see so much goodness going on around me, it does my heart good!

With that thought in mind, I owe all of you a huge, Thank You!! You see, this year you all made it possible for our family to deliver 26 coats for some pretty amazing kids in our community! And, I was so happy to have the help of Robyne from Craft 4 Change helping me with sales this year too! From coast to coast you all were spreading the love! 

It started HERE two years ago with prayers for one coat for one little boy and God turned it into so much more. And because He turned it into so much more, we {you & me} got to be His arms and legs. We got to keep His children warm. There are no pictures of these sweet kiddos in their new coats, because just as it should be, they have no idea who they came from. All they know is that they are warm :) 

If you know me... the girl who cries happy tears in my car when I drive away from that center.... you would know that these posts are the hardest for me to write. I struggle with the idea that my excitement about this project, or truthfully even my excitement for life... I worry that it may come across as boastful.  I know I shouldn't  worry about these things.. I think maybe I have let a few people get in my head that shouldn't be there. The truth is, I know my heart. I know that God built me to give and to be a servant to others. We are not supposed to boast about the ways we give or help others.... we are just supposed to simply DO.
So... when I say something like, "Oh, my goodness!!! We have enough for 26 coats this year!!!"  it is just my excitement about what our God can do. And... I also feel that if I ask you... readers who have never met me before... to buy these necklaces, I feel like I owe it to you to show how your purchases turned into coats. 

January 11, 2014:

I am not sure why I hesitated publishing that post, but at the time I had a heavy heart. I let my feelings get hurt. I worried too much about what others would think. I wasn't sure if publishing that post was the right thing to do...and if I am ever unsure, I wait until I am sure.

Guess what? Today I am sure that posting this is a good thing. I know because instead of letting a few people inside my head, I let the only One that matters direct my thoughts.

I prayed.

When you shut out the negative voices of others and truly ask for guidance from God you WILL get it. Not always as fast as you would like but it will happen. You see, what I know with everything inside me is that kindness breeds more kindness and sharing stories of inspiration and stories of giving to others in need... if our hearts are in the right place, will only encourage others to give something of themselves too.

So... while all of that praying was going on, God was working away...and even after the coats had been taken to the center, there were still cards, emails, and checks coming in to help with the project. Some had notes to buy gloves or hats to go with the coats, some only said, "to help you with your ministry", I was amazed, but then again... our God is amazing.

With all that being said.... what I really want to shine through is a big ol' THANK YOU! I have had so much support and encouragement, it meant more to me than you know! And guess what?? I will continue to do this project as long as God is leading the way for it...and I will continue to talk about it because it matters so much to me... and I will continue to feel blessed that God chose me to be the voice and the hands for His work!

Thank you so much for reading... and Happy New Year!!

If you would like to learn more about what Mr. Bailey and his amazing staff are doing there at Children Are People, Inc. or to learn how you can help too, please contact them HERE!


  1. You are such a kind soul and I love that you deliberated over sharing this or not. I completely understand. I look forward to meeting you in real life! xo -Rachel

  2. What a wonderful testament, thank you so much for sharing!


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