Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Christmas Mantel 2013

I. Love. Christmas.

It just makes me happy and we could all use a little more happy, right?

This year's mantel got the "nature/camping/woodsy" look. I had a little of the theme in mind but really didn't have much of a plan {aside from a very large mirror that I had planned on being in the window's place... it fell and broke into a gazillion pieces in the middle of the night the first night it was there} 

So... I moved on, and this is what I came up with.....

the kiddo's responses went something like this:
Nola: "ohhhhh.... pretty!"
Bryce: "I love it, momma!"
Liam: "Lights!!! can I touch the lights? Can I pull the lights? Can I have the lights?" 
and the hubby's response:
Hubby: "looks good, babe."

And here's a little tour around the other parts of the living room... 
Am I the only one that looks for Christmas books all year to read in December?? I found two good ones this year and can't wait to read them...

This little Christmas village is by far my kiddo's favorite part of our decorations. I love it too... it's like a tiny little Hallmark town :) 
I want to move there.
{really, I do.}

I found this little red bird at a thrift store a few months ago... red birds remind me of my sweet pa-paw so I am happy to have him sit right here in our entry way...

Thanks so much for stopping by! And... Merry Christmas! {is it too early to say that??} 


  1. So pretty! Love the little twig star....hmm.....where could I put one.......

  2. From Katy Lamb: Merry Christmas to you Carmella!! I love everything you've decorated with but especially the red bird. My Pa, my great grandpa, loved redbirds and even caught one in our pheasant house for me one time. I was holding it tight like Pa said, but it pecked me anyway, and my small hand opened. I wanted Pa to go catch it......lol!!! Am reminded of my preaching Pa every time I see one now. Isn't that amazing that we have similar memories??!!!

  3. We're hosting a Holiday Mantel Link-Up and we'd love if you'd come and link up with us! http://theinspiredhome.org/mantel-monday-rustic-mantel/

  4. Oh I love all your Christmas decorating. My favorite part is the Santa Letter in the typewriter, so cute.


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