Friday, October 4, 2013

Use what you have.... painted vase

Today I needed some craft~therapy... there was just too much going on in this head of mine and I needed to sl-O-w down. You have days like this too, right?? 

Oh, good. makes me feel a bit more normal ;) 

So.. once I decided craft~therapy was in order, I challenged myself to use only the things I had in the house. Off I went to collect some things, and sat down to think about what inspires me. 

Lately I have been inspired by graphic design... lots of pretty little flowers... and Rhonna Designs <---- wow, her designs have blown me away.. such an inspiring woman! 

So, back to the mission at hand: Craft~Therapy... this is what I came up with...

Who knew the creative process was going to start with cleaning the fridge?! 

Well, if it is in the name of creativity, I'm in ;) 

Behold. The Ortega Taco Sauce Bottle in all it's glory....

I removed the labels and gave it a good scrubbing to remove all the sticky bits 

next, I used painters tape to mark off the smooth area on the front, I had to use my exacto knife on the curved areas... but it all came out just fine

Once it was all prepped, I used my trusty Chalk Board paint to paint it up... I let it dry, and then carefully pulled all the tape off....

Next, I did a little sketch and pulled out some acrylic craft paints that I wanted to work with...

Here is the part where you let your creativity take over... what have you got to lose? {beside and awesome taco sauce bottle?}

I was a little worried if I would be able to paint in the lettering, so I did use a pencil for that part before I painted...and that, my friends, was it... I may never look at the bottles in my fridge the same ever again...

Thank you, thank you for stopping by to take a look.... I have been having trouble responding to comments here but I wanted to let you know that I do read each and every one. If you have a question you can email me at or come on over to Facebook and leave a message there! 


  1. great Idea! thanks for sharing.

  2. What an awesome reuse! Love how you reimagined the jar :).


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