Friday, September 13, 2013

Simple Fall Decor

Yesterday I shared with you how to bottle up Fall and today I am sharing how I used that jar and more of my simple Fall Decor... 

This is our entryway... well, the truth is we don't have an actual entryway, our front door just opens right into our living room.... but with five people and a dog living in a small space, I realized just how important a defined entryway was so I created this space a while back. I also have a small three drawer dresser that serves this purpose but decided to switch it up a little when I found this cabinet at a yard sale. 
This is where we stash.. hide... organize the kids school things and also Liam's diaper basket.

 With all of the less pretty things tucked away, it left me with a blank canvas for a pretty Fall vignette. I used things we already had. The globe, another yard sale find, blends with the fall colors so well.... and the wooden tray that my dad made for me holds my "Fall in a Jar" and some sweet hand painted vintage books... oh, and of course a pumpkin too ;) The wreath has been with me for probably 8 years if you can believe that, it just keeps getting makeovers to freshen it up a bit over the years... 

Oh.. and while all of this pretty vignette action was going on, you better believe Liam "helped" me rearrange it a few times... {did you know that faux pumpkins can also be used as a bouncy ball too??} 
I can only imagine that it won't stay this pretty for too long, glad I got a picture... 

Oh, what's that you say, momma? Picture??

Yes... I would love for you to take my picture! 

Oh, how I love this boy. I can't wait to get him out to the pumpkin patch again this year.....

Oh, Fall... I can't wait for you to get here :) 

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you all have a great weekend!!

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