Monday, September 16, 2013

Fall Mantel.... 2013

This year's Fall Mantel is all about keeping it simple....
 Simple?? you say?

Yes, I know there is a lot going on in this picture, but the simple part is that I only moved a few things around to achieve the look I was going for this year. You may remember from {this} post how excited I was to finally create a collage wall above my mantel... without putting a hole in the wall that would damage the plaster. I was {and still am} so proud of that wall that I decided only to edit it a little and add a few "fallish" things. 
So.. here she is... 

I love looking up and seeing so much going on up there... artwork from friends, a sweet black and white picture of my dad when he was little, pictures of my baby girl learning to walk, and one of my very first blogged about projects still has a place here too. The "happy home" wall art was and still is one of my favorites...

All the things here... if they weren't a gift or made by me,  were purchased locally from artisans or small business owners. 

I am just now noticing this as I write this post... it wasn't planned, but I think now I realize why I love it.

This sweet old chair was purchased from my friends at Junk-n- the Trunk, a fun vintage finds store here in town.

 Even this vintage lantern was purchased from my elderly neighbor's yard sale. He loves a good find just as much as I do, and was so excited to show me this lantern he found when he was out pickin' and gave me a deal I couldn't refuse, $5. I think he just knew how much it would make me smile... {it does}

Oh, now I am seeing this wire Eiffel Tower that my hubby bought for me from a "modern day general store", Country Mouse City Mouse, and my beautiful mixed media artwork from my equally beautiful friend, Amanda of Just my Art 

It would seem that I get by with a little help from my friends, and I really do like it that way ;) 

Now.. who is ready for Fall??

Thanks so much for taking the time to stop and take a look! 

See you again soon! 

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