Saturday, August 24, 2013

SnapStylz... and Dreaming out loud with your kids....

When you go to business website and this is the first thing you read on the "About" page  :
"When a father and his 9-year-old daughter put their creativity and smarts together, there's no telling what can happen." 

you can't help but to smile.

Well, Snapstylz is the business website I am talking about and once you check them out for yourselves, you and your kiddos will be smiling too ☺

SnapStylz were designed over hot chocolates and now have been brought to life...

My big kids loved choosing their bands but their favorite part was looking through the endless possibilities of snap on choices... 

Bryce actually said, "this bracelet looks just like me!!" haha... I knew what he was trying to say..

And Nola's love of hot pink and black didn't have to be compromised because she likes animal print too... because they have you covered in that style too....

I am just blown away, even as I write this, that these bracelets that my kids now proudly wear {every. single. hour. of. the. day} were dreamed up by a daddy and daughter team. It reminds me so much of what my dad said to me all the time when I would dream up crazy things, he would say {And still tells me this all the time}, "It's your world, kid, I'm just happy to live in it." 

Dream out loud with your kids.... you just never know what could happen...

Thanks so much for reading! You can find out more about SnapStylz and how to order on their website and for the latest updates you can find them here on Facebook too.

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