Wednesday, July 3, 2013

DIY Wall Collage... without putting a hole in the wall?!

Wall Colleges... I love them.
But, I've been afraid of them for years.

Want to know why?

I don't like putting holes in the walls.
Yep, simple as that. I have been afraid to put one million bazillion holes in the wall to hang things, worried that I might hate it and then... well... I would have one million bazillion holes in the walls. Not to mention we live in a 1945 bungalow with plastered walls. If you know anything about plastered walls you know that they crack easily and are about as hard as concrete to drive a nail into.

So, now you see why my fears were valid... that is until now.

Enter this wonderful little creation, and nope, this is NOT a paid advertisement and I was not given these products to try. I am just sharing with you because I love them and think they are worth their weight in gold ♥♥♥

Just look how I was able to change the look of our living room without putting one single hole in the wall...

I started by laying some of the bigger pictures and paintings out on the floor, moving them around until I liked the placement. I attached them to the wall with Command Picture hanging strips and then went on a little scavenger hunt around the house for all of the smaller items to fill in.

What I love most about this wall, aside from how easy it was to hang, I LOVE that so many of the things on my wall are handmade, most by some pretty amazing friends...

1. {creative carmella} DIY painted sign
2. Birch Tree Sign Boutique  Large wooden letter
4. SIDE of the RIVER arts Bicycle art
5. Fabric bird art
6. Turing Leaf Crafts painted letter
7. River City Candle Company hand poured candle
8. Donna Boucher Photography  "flowers in Paris" print
9. Just My Art by Amanda Baugher Encaustic wax art & wire dress

Lots of goodness all in one place and I think I am in love....

To create your own wall collage, start with a few big pieces... things that make you smile when you see them....then it's just a matter of walking around your house to find smaller pictures to fill in!

You could always start small with a vignette over a dresser in your bedroom... or go big with a collage on a giant stairway wall. Either way, just do it!! I promise you will be glad that you did ;)

For more ideas.. head over and take a look at my "gather it and group it" Pinterest board

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  1. my son used these while in college in their dorm room to hang pictures! they work wonderful! nice to see your blog again! have missed ya!

  2. Your gallery wall looks fabulous! I use the 3M hooks all the time too....I have plaster walls as well.


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