Sunday, May 5, 2013

DIY Teacher Appreciation Gift

It's Teacher Appreciation Week!
Time to celebrate the wonderful people who spend their days teaching and thinking of new ways to help our little ones learn...

Day One..

"Thank You for helping me write a chapter in my story"

DIY Painted Canvas

For this project you will need:
1 board {hard backed} canvas
craft paint

To get started, free hand the shape of an open book..

Using two paint colors, paint in the book...

For a guide for the words, I printed the saying in a few different fonts in Microsoft Word, leaving an empty space for "write" 

To use your print off as a transfer for the words on your canvas, turn the paper over and color on the backside of each word with pencil...

Now, turn the paper over and tape it into place on the canvas. Trace each letter...

Once you have traced all of the letters, pull back the paper to reveal a perfect penciled transfer!

I used a ruler to mark of the paper lines for the word "write"...

  I asked Bryce {my Kindergarten boy} to sign his name at the bottom and then I was ready to paint it all in!
I used a very fine tipped brush and painted right over the pencil marks....

You could also add a book store gift card to go along with this gift, that's what I am planning to do before we wrap it up :)

I hope you will come back and check in for more ideas tomorrow! It's an entire week of Teacher Appreciation here on the blog and Facebook!

Thanks so much for taking a look!


  1. Carmella, this is such an awesome idea! I love it! I'm sending Thank You cards to teachers who have made an impact on my life from Kindergarten to college. Getting started on them this weekend. I'm going to adapt this design for a few of them. I'll blog about it and link back to you here. :)

    1. Love the idea of writing to teachers all the way back to kindergarten! Happy Graduation! So happy for you!


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