Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Image Transfer With Mod Podge... shabby chic flower pots

Hello there!! 

It's been such a while since I have blogged... I have so much to tell you all about, but I'll save that for another post!

Today, I wanted to share a quick, super easy, and perfect gift for Mother's Day

Here's what you will need to get started:

Terracotta Flower Pot
Craft Paint
Foam Brush
Mod Podge, Matte Finish
A Printed Image, {I use my very plain DeskJet Printer, noting fancy required!}

To get started, first you will need to find an image for your flower pot... cruise on over to my favorite site for such things : The Graphics Fairy and you will find a ton of images to choose from!

{click HERE to find the image of the bee that I used}

Now it's time to paint your pot... I used "light buttermilk" Americana acrylic craft paint. After the paint was dry, I went back and distressed the pot with sand paper to give it a shabby, worn look

Next, you will need to trim around the edges of your image. Using your foam brush, paint a thin layer of Mod Podge on the image

Next, place the paper, image side down, onto the flower pot. Take care to smooth out any bubbles that may form. Allow to dry over night.... yep, that's the hardest part for me too ;) 

So... you've waited all night and now your ready to reveal your transfer!
Start by dipping your fingers in a small amount of warm water and gently start to rub away the paper...

Keep working at it until all of the paper is removed...

Now it's time to use it!

What do you think?? Would you love one of these as a gift? 

I would love to hear if you try this, or any of the other projects I share!
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  1. Love the Project! I have a question though. Do you think it would work on wood too? What about a color print? Just wondering.


  2. I LOVE these! I think I just may have to try this technique out! :) Pinning for later...

  3. Love them! They turned out fabulous!


  4. That looks so pretty!

  5. This is fantastic, you inspire me everyday.


  6. This is fantastic - can you place these pots outside?

  7. Can this be done on a ceramic pot as well?


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