Monday, January 7, 2013

Duck Dynasty Inspired Toddler T-Shirt

Hey, Jack... have you watched Duck Dynasty??

We laugh, laugh and then laugh some more at these crazy guys every week!

Phil Robertson, the original duck commander, has quickly become my favorite. He loves Jesus, he loves his wife, and he loves seeing everyone... Happy, Happy, Happy!
What more could you want??

I thought it was so cute when Liam tried saying, "happy, happy, happy" while the show was on, that I try to get him to say it all the time now... it's pretty cute {says his momma}

So cute, in fact, that I wanted to make him a tiny t-shirt....

I used the freezer paper method to make it... here's what you will need to make one too:

Freezer paper, fabric paint, exacto knife, sharpie, t-shirt and an iron

Step one: trace your lettering on the freezer paper. I cut the paper to size, lightly taped to my computer screen and traced the letters with the glossy side of the paper down.

Step two: cut out the lettering {very carefully} with an exacto knife, be sure to keep the small pieces that are removed from the centers of letters.

Step three: Iron the stencil onto the t-shirt. A few seconds with a hot iron will do the trick

Step four: Paint in the letters with fabric paint. 
*first* add a piece of cardboard inside the shirt so the paint won't bleed through to the back side of the shirt
I added a small line of paint beside the first row...

You can use an old credit card {or in my case, an old zoo membership card} to swipe the paint across the stencil

Step five: allow paint to dry and remove stencil. It takes only about 10 minutes for the paint to dry if there is only a thin layer. I used tweezers to remove the smaller pieces inside the letters.

and.... let your little guy model it for you.

On the coffee table, of course.......hehehe

Our future duck hunter is looking pretty sharp, and....

Happy. Happy. Happy.

Just the way his momma likes to see him ;)

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  1. I love it! Love the shirt and the show!

  2. I haven't seen the show but my folks love it! They might need some happy happy happy shirts :).

    Great tip for spreading the paint out! I'll definitely use that on my next freezer paper stencil project.

  3. Such a fun shirt! We watch that show too ... so funny!

  4. I. LOVE. THIS.

    We also get a kick out of that show! I am for sure trying this one! :)


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