Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Vintage Crate {plus} Caster Wheels {equals} a Toy Box that goes....

Vintage Crates...

I. love. them.

I scored this one for $8 at a neighbors yard sale...

Red Diamond Explosives...

I knew I wanted to make it into a toy box.
you think I'm nuts don't you??

my reason?
When my kids make a giant mess with their toys, I can say,
"It looks like a bomb went off in here!?"

Must have been from the explosives box....hehehe

I bought these, 1 inch swivel caster wheels, HERE.

Now these toys are on the move....

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Glow in the Dark Ghosts....

I usually don't do too much decorating for Halloween. And... if I do, it won't be scary.... and if you think it's because of the kids, you would be wrong.
It's me.
I'm a chicken!

So.. this will be as scary as it gets around here...

Glow in the Dark {not too spooky} Ghosts
This is what you will need to make your own:

Flower pot
Acrylic craft paints
paint brush
Hot glue gun
Glow in the dark glue sticks {I found these at JoAnn}

I started by painting the flower pot black.... easy peasy.....

Once that was dry, I painted on my little ghosts... 

Now for the hot glue... I just traced the ghosts and the lettering...

And... that was it!

 The kiddos loved it... after all Halloween really is about the CANDY
Ummm.... I mean.... KIDS, right?

What are your kiddos getting dressed up as this year??
We will have a scarecrow {Liam} Power Ranger {Bryce} and a pretty princess {Nola}
I'll be dressing up as a taxi cab driver, nurse, mediator, psychologist, referee
Also known as...

A Momma ;)

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Trash to Treasure.... Roadside Re-Do

I seem to be lucky in the roadside furniture department....I mean just look at all of these projects I have done over the past year just from trashed furniture:

4. Kitchen Worktable Re-Do!

You might remember me telling you all on Facebook that I found this table on the side of the road....

It was a pretty cool piece and I couldn't see leaving it for the trash man, so I loaded it up in my car
{I am getting really good at this now..haha!}

I asked you all there on Facebook...
"What should I do with this thing?!"
Your ideas were amazing, but when I read,

"Keep it the same, just refinish the top!"

I was sold.
Too easy.

And that's exactly what we did.
{my dad and I, that is}

We sanded the top down to the original wood with a 60 grit sandpaper. The wood had some damage, there wasn't enough sanding in the world to take that out, so we decided it "added character" ;)

After staining the top with a "pecan" stain, we gave it about 5 coats of polyurethane to give it a nice shine and durable work surface.

For the bottom of the stand, we simply left it alone. It was chippy and white {my kind of perfect} so we painted on a coat of poly to seal in all of that goodness...

I am in love with the drop leaf... perfect for a couple of helpers in the kitchen sitting on bar stools!

This was a piece that I didn't have a place for yet, so I loaded it up {again}
and took it to a sale with me to display some of my wares on...

and guess what?!
Someone wanted to buy it immediately!

I wasn't prepared for that... and I really loved it, but when she told me that she had been looking for a piece just like this for her kitchen, I knew I had to let it go.

It sure was a fun re-do...
and I'll be on the look out for more roadside finds to turn into treasures soon!

Have you found any treasures on the side of the road?

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pick Your Plum Giveaway!

I love having giveaways and today's is a good one! By now most of you know  about Pick Your Plum and all their awesomeness.  If you don't, yet let me explain.
Pick Your Plum is a day-a-deal site.  Every day at 7:00 am {MST} they post a new deal on their site.  The deals can be for clothes, craft supplies, thread, jewelry, they have even had fabric.  {something for everyone} When the deal is sold out, or the day is done, it's gone for good. You want to be quick to get your deal before your neighbor does. Here's a tip, Pick Your Plum always posts the deal to their facebook page first, so you might want to "like" them, so your in the know. Today you get the chance at winning one of their AWESOME grab boxes stuffed full of $25 worth of Pick Your Plum products.  Here's some of the deals they have had in the past.  Any of these could be in your box or, none of them. It so fun to open the box and see the surprises!
Okay, now wipe all the drool off your chin and keyboard because it's time to enter the giveaway.  There are a lot of options this time.  You don't have to do them all, but the more you do the better chance you have to win.  Open to the U.S. only.  Good Luck to you all! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, October 15, 2012

DIY Hello Kitty Scrapbook Paper Picture Frame, and Hello Kitty Scrapbook Supplies GIVEAWAY!!

A few weeks ago my wonderful friends from Horizon Group and Michaels sent out a fun assortment of Hello Kitty Scrapbook Supplies for my sweet Nola girl and I to try out!

All of these fun things will be available at Michaels October 28, 2012!

We were so excited to get started on a project!
This is what we came up with just to get started

Our supplies included:
Mod Podge
Small wooded frame, {Michaels for $1}
Hello Kitty Scrapbook paper and embellishments
small foam brush and a finger nail file

First, Nola started by painting a thin layer of Mod Podge on to the frame

Then she place the frame {glue side down} on to the back of the scrapbook paper

after it was exactly where she wanted it, she flipped it over so she could do her favorite part.... smoothing the paper with a rolling pin!
{around here, you never know what will sneak its way into our projects, haha!}

After the Mod Podge was dry, it was time for momma to step in and help out. To get the edges nice and smooth, I like to use a finger nail file. I use even strokes downward and the paper creases perfectly!
So much easier than trying to use scissors to cut close to the edges...

I did the same trick on the inside edge where the picture goes too. Too easy!

Next we broke out the Hello Kitty paper tape! Oh yeah!

We added a nice finished boarder all the way around the frame...

After adding some of the paper tape to the front and a cute little cardstock embellishment, we were all finished!

I think she did an awesome job!
What a talented girl!!
{says her momma}

So, do you want to hear about what YOU could win??

Horizon Group and Michaels are giving one luck reader all of this!!

Pretty awesome, right??

A huge thank you to Michaels for the giveaway and for allowing Nola and I to use all of these awesome supplies! We had a such a great time!

To enter, follow the instructions on the rafflecopter below, and good luck!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pallet Art Work.... Let It Be....

I love the simple things in life....

you know, the little things that just make you smile?

It doesn't take much for me, sometimes the smallest of sentiments make the biggest impact with me.

This pallet sign started out as, well....a pallet..hehehe
My handy dad cut and framed a few pieces together for me..

Here's the front view,

and the back...

This sign measures 20inx20in

Now for the fun part...making a stencil...

For this I used Freezer Paper, and to make it even easier... I just taped it right to the front of my computer screen and traced!
Just make sure you have the waxy side down.
I chose the font that I liked and typed it out in Microsoft Word and started tracing...

After I had it all traced out, I used an Exacto knife to carefully cut it out. I was sure to save the center part of any letter also.

Once I had all the lettering cut out, I placed it out on the sign....and because I used Freezer Paper, I was able to iron it in place :)

Yes, it works on wood too! Well, not as well as fabric, but it holds it in place long enough to get it painted and makes the job a whole lot easier 

I used a few different colors of acrylic craft paints, and a very stiff bristled brush to paint in the stencil.
When the paint was dry, I used tweezers to pull away the freezer paper, and that was it!

My new wall art has found a home in our dinning room for now...

Such a sweet and simple reminder for our little family to see!

Thanks so much for stopping by!