Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Life Lesson....in a quiet conversation

There are moments in life that make you stop and think about what it all means....the important things, the things that don't matter, and the things that you want to hold on to forever because they matter just that much....

Yesterday morning, I had dropped the big kids off and school and headed to the grocery with Liam.

We hurried along through the store...there was so much I needed to get done.
After the shopping was finished, I pushed to cart out to the car and unloaded the groceries, thankful for the empty parking spot beside us that would make it easier for me to buckle Liam in his carseat.

As I was getting him buckled in, I looked up to notice a big truck waiting to pull into the spot next to us. I had Liam's door wide open and I knew the truck couldn't pull in because of it, so I put up my hand and mouthed, "sorry!" and I hurried to get him buckled.
I couldn't see the driver's face, the sun was shining so bright on his windshield, but after I quickly got Liam buckled I hopped in the front seat and shut my door. The truck pulled in and I began to back out of my parking spot. As I started to move, there was a tap on my window. I looked up to see an elderly man with kind eyes and a sweet smile.
I had seen him before around town, sometimes sitting on a bench outside of a store, sometimes waiting for his medicine at the pharmacy. Every time I saw him before, he would smile like we were old friends and wish me a good day. I didn't know his name, but I knew I liked him.

So, this was the man in the truck waiting for the parking spot, and now he was at my window.

I rolled the window down and this is the conversation we had, 

You know I'm not in any hurry, that baby of yours is way more important than I'll ever be.

Oh, thank you! I just didn't want you to have to wait. Sometimes people can get so upset when I have the door open like that.

Well, here's what I know. Getting that baby buckled up is more important than me getting in that parking space. Sometimes I see people in such a hurry and I wonder why they are rushing about so. You know when people get to talking about being in a hurry or talking about money you know what I say to them?
I just tell them I've got lots of time and lots of money.
They look at me like I am crazy, or like I'm showing off.
I'm not rich, I just know that I have everything I need for today, and today is all that matters.

Oh, how true that is. I should remember that.

Well, I'm telling you that for a lesson. I'm just an old man but I know some things. {then he laughed a little}
Yesterday is already done, and we are never promised tomorrow so today is all that matters.
You remember that now, okay?

Yes sir, I will. Thank you for sharing that with me, it really means a lot.

Well, now, you take care, okay, honey. God bless you.

I watched him walk off, he was wiping his eyes. 

What he said in that quiet conversation mattered to him, and boy, did it ever matter to me!

In all the hurry of trying to get Liam buckled up, I didn't give my sweet baby boy a kiss.
I always do that once I have him in his seat, well...mostly because it's the only time he holds still anymore. But really I just know that anything could happen, and I just want to kiss his sweet little face before we go anywhere. 

So, before I pulled out of that parking lot, I stopped and kissed that sweet baby of mine and thanked God for life lessons in the middle of Kroger parking lots.

And I thanked God for that man with the kind eyes and sweet smile too.

The next time I see him sitting on a bench somewhere, I will stop and sit with him too.
I'll remind him of what he told me, and I'll tell him how much it mattered.

On a day like today, when all over the world we are remembering what we were doing when we heard about that first plane hitting the World Trade Center, I will also remember that today is the only day that matters.

Hug your kids, tell your husband or wife that they matter and that you love them...

If you know me at all, you will know that I am a very sentimental girl. I sometimes carry the hurts of the world around with me like a blanket, but only for a little while. I know who to give those hurts to, and also who to thank for all the blessings.

No sweeter words ever spoken....

Thank you for letting me get this all out...I know I'll need to come back and read it again when I forget the lesson I learned. But it's here now, and maybe you needed to read it just as much as I needed to write it.

Thank you for being here, and just in case you didn't know.....
YOU matter to me.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Little Table....Re-Do

Oh....how I have missed my little blog!

I have been out of the loop since our modem and router bit the dust. Both at the same time, you might ask??
Well, yes. When it rains it pours and with a baby boy that loves to throw things on the ground they didn't stand a chance.

But....I'm back!!

And,  here is a little re-do project I worked on for my sweet friend, Jessica from Seams Sew Wright

I just love those wooden thread spool legs, and how perfect for a friend that loves sewing!?

I found this little gem at my favorite shop...yep, you guessed it...Junk-n-the Trunk!! 
Since I live  ummm, I mean, spend so much time there, I knew this little table wouldn't last long so I grabbed it right up!

Here is before...

on the underside of the table, I found this label....so neat to know who made this and when!

To give the table the distressed look that I love so much, I used my favorite little trick....I just dabbed a little Vaseline on the areas where I wanted the paint to underneath to come through.

Then I prepared a nice little area on the sidewalk to spray paint.....

And...well, I think I got a little carried away...

I was a little panicked when I lifted up the board I was using to paint on to see this!
I immediately went over to ask you all on Facebook for help, and you all came through!
I sprinkled baking soda all over the paint, and then poured on a little peroxide...after a little scrubbing with an old mop, the paint was gone!!
Whew, thank goodness for smart friends :)

So....in the end...I think it was all worth it.. Jessica loved her new table!

And... I learned about paint removal.

Thanks so much for taking a look! 

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