Friday, July 27, 2012

Christmas in July...giveaway from The Cluttered Craftroom!

It's the last week of July??

Wait...where did the month go?

Well, there is no stopping time, but there is still time for one last giveaway this month!

Today's giveaway is from The Cluttered Craftroom. I am so happy Debi is here today to share her passion for crafting! I met Debi a while back on my facebook page and it has been a wonderful friendship since then...I just know you are going to love her too. Here she is to tell us more about her business....
in her own words....

Debi is one super talented lady, not to mention a great friend. I am so happy this world of blogging has allowed us to meet!

The Cluttered Craft Room is full of wonderful designs that can be shipped right to you...

here are just a few of the items she has there...

I just love this hand painted garden sign!

She also sells these beautiful outdoor pillows in her shop too...

So much to choose from, but...I am sure you are ready to see what she has for your giveaway, right??

She asked me if there was anything that caught my eye so I went to look around and pretending like I was shopping for myself, and this is what I picked out..

One lucky reader will win...

Thank you so much, Debi! You are going to make one lucky winner very happy!

Now, for all of you reading, here's what you need to do to enter.
Just let the rafflecopter down below show you what to do, and good luck to you all!!

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Random thoughts from a very busy momma....

Here is a little insight into my world right now, 
I know you were just dying to know ;)

That seems to be the way my world is working right now.

You see, in two short days, this sweet little {8!} year old girl will be having a birthday party

And she has requested that I make her cake....and of course I said, "sure, baby. I can do that!"
And while I am thinking about that cake that needs to be made tomorrow night, and the goodie bags, and the decorations I still need to get, I am also thinking about the house that NEEDS to be cleaned before our family comes into town. I can't have them thinking we have lived like total animals this summer, right?

And while I am thinking about that..... in the back of my mind, I am also thinking about this sweet boy

because he starts kindergarten in 4 short days.
And...I am really sad about this. I have worries...mainly, what if I take him for his first day and he runs back out of the room crying after me, am I allowed to say, "this isn't going to work out and I will be taking him back home with me now."?? 
No. that won't work, but believe me...I have thought about this....a lot.

And while I am thinking of these things, I am also thinking of this wonderfully sweet, squishy little baby boy too...

Would you just look at that sweet face?! Here is something I have learned about Liam in the past few weeks....he loves his momma. a lot. more than anything ever, he just wants me to be right beside him holding him or playing with him.
And I love that idea too.....
But, if you have read the first part of this post you will understand my trouble.

I know I am not the only one in the history of the world that has been busy. I get it.....I'm just trying to wrap my head around all of it, and writing it down seems to here I am ;) I feel better.

Thanks for listening, and prayers are always welcome.

Other things that are also welcome:

A cleaning fairy
Ace of Cakes, Duff delivered right to my front door to help me make a cake
A babysitter that loves my children as much as I do
A therapy session about dealing with separation anxiety {from my 5 year old}
A look a like to hold Liam while I take a shower

I'm not asking for too much, right?
{ because I'd hate to sound like a diva ;) }

Friday, July 20, 2012

Christmas in July...Giveaway from Heart & Home Creations

It's that time again!!!

I am so happy to introduce you all to Heart & Home Creations. Cassandra is the woman behind this business, I recently met her at a local craft show...and let me just say, her products are awesome! 

Here she is to tell us more about her her own words...

As a mother of 3 grown children and Nana of 2 beautiful grandbabies, I want to give them the best products and found the best way to do that was to make them myself. I have been crafting products for nearly 10 years, selling my products wholesale all over the USA, Canada and London. 

Crafting quality products with amazingly pure and healthy ingredients is satisfying and helpful to those that use the products. No mineral oil, harsh chemicals & dyes or parabens are used in our products. What you get are skin nourishing products you can feel safe using on yourself and your beautiful children or grandchildren.

I am so sure of the products I make that, if you don't love them, I will give you a full refund (minus shipping costs) upon return of the items. However, I am sure you will love how these products make your skin feel. Quality ingredients and care create products you will be proud to use. 

Can I just start by saying....I cannot believe that she is a "nana".  When I first met her in person, I couldn't  believe my ears when she said something about her granddaughters! 
I am actually still having a hard time believing in now...

okay...moving on...

My Pinkalicious Spa Kits For Young Girls

Pinkalicious Spa kit for girls is just too cute! And I know a certain soon to 8 year old in my house that will be getting this for her birthday! She is going to be in little girl heaven!

Another of my favorites is this...

Nourishing Whipped Body Balm with Soy, Olive, 5 extract blend & aloe...

Whipped Body Balm....I had a sample of this and after using once....I was hooked! 
love it!

So do you want to know what Cassandra is giving to one lucky reader??

How about
8oz Dead Sea Mineral Lotion & Whipped Body Butter in Vanilla Dream

You are going to love this!!

Cassandra, thank you so much for sharing your passion and creativity with us! all of you reading, to enter, just let the rafflecopter down below walk you through it.
Thank you all so much for being here, good luck!!

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

DIY Spray Painted Sign.....

Sometimes, we all need a little reminder to....

Inspired by the words from this sign made by Nutmeg Place, I created a little sign to have around to remind me of a few things....

1.) Worry Less
2.) Love More

Pretty simple, right?

Do you want to make one too??

Here's what you will need:

Painted wood or canvas 
{I used wood, remember that big pile of it I found on the side of the road? Yep, still using it}
Letter Stickers
Spray Paint

Just stick on those stickers where ever you want.
I added mine closer to the bottom, leaving a lot of open space at the top.
I like to call that open space the "thinking space" ....
you know, a little room to take it all in ;)

Then, I sprayed on two coats of spray paint. First blue, and then I lightly sprayed a pistachio green on top of that, letting the top and bottom edges fade into the blue.
It's subtle, but gave it a nice look in the end.

I let it dry and then pulled the stickers off with tweezers...

Who wouldn't need a little reminder like this?

Thanks so much for stopping by to take a look 

I'm off to worry less and love more...

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Friday, July 13, 2012

Christmas in July!!...Giveaway from Seams Sew Wright

It's that time again!! I am loving Fridays around here, because who doesn't love a giveaway, right??

Today's giveaway is from my real life friend, Jessica, owner/designer of Seams Sew Wright. I met Jessica at a craft fair last Fall and I have admired the person that she is and her talent ever since!

Here's a bit about her business....
In her own words

 I started sewing at only 7, under my granma's watchful eyes. She is my true inspiration in every item I make-I ask myself, would this make her proud!?! 
I started my business in May 2011. At a lil over a year old I have been truly blessed with fantastic loyal customers who appreciate handmade items. I strive to make quality affordable. 
On the personal side, I am a single momma who has to have the "real job" and the sewing is the 2nd FUN JOB! I feel like sewing is NEVER a job, it's plain and simple relaxation for me. Helps me wind down at the end of the day, leading to 1 a.m. bedtimes, HA!
In my spare moments: I have a extra large sized sweet tooth, right down to some too sweet, sweet tea. I love horror movies, but really love all movies. I can sing but, most of the time shouldn't, HA HA! I am an overall entertainment junkie. My lil guy keeps me on my toes at all times. While he is Autistic I think that just makes him EXTRA special and needs all of the love this momma can give.

See what I mean?? She's amazing....I knew you would think so too ;) you want to see what she is giving away to one lucky reader???

I love everything about this bag, right down to the color....sweet potato! Perfect for summer...for Fall...okay,'s just PERFECT for everything, haha! 

Jessica, thanks so much for sharing your talent with us! 

Alright everyone...time to enter!
Let the rafflecopter down below show you how, good luck!!

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Toilet Paper Roll Painting.....A DIY project

We had a rare rainy day here yesterday....I love a good rainy day, they always make me feel normal for staying in my PJ's all day ;)
And....I love finding a good project to do on a day like that too....

This is one of those super easy projects that just makes me smile! 

I started with three 10x10 canvases and printed pictures of my cutie pie kiddos

I painted two of the canvases with flat interior paint, and used an acrylic craft paint in white to paint the other. 
Then....I grabbed a toilet paper roll....dipped into the paint.....and started painting!

Too easy, right?? I really love the look of this, some of the circles ended up being irregular which {in my humble opinion} added more character ;)

Once the canvases were all painted up, I used some vintage photo corners to hold the pictures

I like the idea of being able to change up the pictures so this was the best choice for me...but you could always add a layer of Mod Podge too

ooooohhhhh...I just love those sweet faces :)

So, what do you think?
I can't wait to find more things to paint with my toilet paper rolls!

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pin-tested Recipes......Pass or Fail {the 2nd addition}

I am back again with a couple more recipes that I tried out from Pinterest!!

First up, is THIS PIN for Seasoned Roasted Potatoes. This recipe comes from the blog, Iowa Girl Eats. Have you read this blog before? I was happy to find it while checking out this recipe and it really is such a great read! I know I'll be back there often to see what she has going on! back to the point...FOOD!

Right away, the potato fanatic in me was in LOVE with this picture. It may have been love at first sight, because I knew I was going to give these a try!

And this is how they turned out for me....

Let me just start by saying that my photo doesn't even come close to doing these incredibly delicious potatoes justice. Soooo easy to whip up as a side dish, the ingredients are things we always have on hand. My family loved them, and I know I'll be making them all the time now!! 
You can find her recipe
If you like potatoes at all you will LOVE these...and that's a promise!

Next, let me introduce you to my newest addiction....

Mexican Doritos Casserole....
Oh, goodness
It all started with this little unassuming PIN
And, now...I'm pretty sure it has changed my life {or at the very least my pant size because this ain't no health food!}

Looks yummy, right?

Well, allow me to tell you how it tastes....
too tasty for it's own good
out of the world
life changing deliciousness
"get out your stretch pants and settle in" good 

yep, it really is that good.

This recipe comes from an all things food blog called, Jam Hands. Tons of greatness going on over there! This is a blog to keep your eye on for sure.

So, do you think this one passed or failed ;)

Oh, Yeah it passed!! With flying colors!
You can find the recipe for this awesomeness

And the next time you are in the need of some comfort food, 

Well, there you have it...two more recipes, and two more have passed!
{hoping I don't get a "fail" any time soon!}

And...I would love to hear what you have been Pin-Testing too!!

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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Fried Green Tomato BLT.......

{Welcome to a waaaay back post! I posted this last summer and I thought it was good enough to share one more time!}

Sometimes some of the most tasty creations come out of pure necessity.. as in...I'm hungry...really hungry...and I don't want to go to the grocery to buy anything...hmmm...what to do??

Starting with what we had, my hubby and I made a plan (well, really it was his plan, I was too hungry to think properly)

He went out in the garden and brought back these beauties

add in these other fine ingredients

Put them all together and you get......

Not your Ordinary B.L.T
1 green tomato
1/2 cup panko bread crumbs
a small bunch of arugula
4 slices of bacon
toasted bread

Step 1: Fry bacon until crisp and remove from pan....leave drippings in the pan
Step 2: Slice green tomato, place in a large Ziploc bag and pour in the panko bread crumbs. Shake the bag until the tomato slices are coated well.
Step 3: Fry the tomatoes in the bacon drippings...remove from pan and sprinkle with salt
Step 4: Assemble your sandwich and enjoy!!

This may just be my new favorite really is that good!

I told you it was good :)