Thursday, December 27, 2012

and a Happy New Year.......

Christmas went by in a hurry, didn't it??
It's always a little sad for me taking the Christmas decorations down, everything just looks so.... well, not magical :(

My sweet Nola, was so sad to see the tree put away that I had to think of something quick.
So.. we dressed up our mantel to get it ready for the New Year...with her help, this is what we came up with...

It's bright and shiny, perfect for ringing in the New Year!
too bad my pictures are pretty terrible... not too many bright and shiny days here lately :(

We used our Christmas twinkle lights around the chalkboard window to give it some shine. the bottle brush trees also get to hang out for just a bit longer too :)

We added some "super snow" to a few mason jars, we are always hoping and wishing for snow around here so this fake snow will be great to display while we patiently wait for the real thing to fall....
have you seen this stuff before?? I read that movie sets use it a lot because it looks so real, and let me tell you... it does! 
Also... if you look just to the left of the snow, you will see my awesome candle holder that my sister in law made me for Christmas! {she claims not to be very creative....wrong!}

I added a pocket watch under my little handmade cloche {a stemless wine glass with ornate thingy glued to the top} Time set for midnight, naturally ;)

And to top it all off, Nola and I made a ton of Sculpey clay snow flakes to hang from the ceiling. 

All in all, I think we still have a bit of a magical look..... it made her smile, so you know it was worth it to me!

Here's one last look at our Christmas Mantel... and our New Year Mantel too.......

Happy New Year, friends! 

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  1. What a great idea! You can keep it going all through the year & give Nola something to look forward to and smiling about.

    Beautiful mantles. I think I like the "magical" New Year's Mantle the best. Definitely "dreamy". Reia from

  2. What an awesome mantel! I've never tried a New Year's mantel before. I love your bottle brush trees. Wish I could send you some snow...we got about a foot of it last night!

  3. Totally loving on your idea of a new years display. I keep up all my stuff until after New years but would love to try something fun and festive. :) Thanks for sharing!

  4. I think each and every opportunity to hang up twinkle light s is worth the effort! Your New Year decorations look amazing!

    Have a beautiful and blessed year, sweets!

  5. Ohhhh C, your mantel is BEAUTIFUL!!! Just perfect!!! I love every little cheerful detail! Thank you so much for sharing your talent!


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