Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Trash to Treasure.... Roadside Re-Do

I seem to be lucky in the roadside furniture department....I mean just look at all of these projects I have done over the past year just from trashed furniture:

4. Kitchen Worktable Re-Do!

You might remember me telling you all on Facebook that I found this table on the side of the road....

It was a pretty cool piece and I couldn't see leaving it for the trash man, so I loaded it up in my car
{I am getting really good at this now..haha!}

I asked you all there on Facebook...
"What should I do with this thing?!"
Your ideas were amazing, but when I read,

"Keep it the same, just refinish the top!"

I was sold.
Too easy.

And that's exactly what we did.
{my dad and I, that is}

We sanded the top down to the original wood with a 60 grit sandpaper. The wood had some damage, there wasn't enough sanding in the world to take that out, so we decided it "added character" ;)

After staining the top with a "pecan" stain, we gave it about 5 coats of polyurethane to give it a nice shine and durable work surface.

For the bottom of the stand, we simply left it alone. It was chippy and white {my kind of perfect} so we painted on a coat of poly to seal in all of that goodness...

I am in love with the drop leaf... perfect for a couple of helpers in the kitchen sitting on bar stools!

This was a piece that I didn't have a place for yet, so I loaded it up {again}
and took it to a sale with me to display some of my wares on...

and guess what?!
Someone wanted to buy it immediately!

I wasn't prepared for that... and I really loved it, but when she told me that she had been looking for a piece just like this for her kitchen, I knew I had to let it go.

It sure was a fun re-do...
and I'll be on the look out for more roadside finds to turn into treasures soon!

Have you found any treasures on the side of the road?

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  1. I go out looking for roadside finds, and have found some fantastic things. I kind of feel like working on one right now, good thing I keep a stash of them in my basement!

  2. That piece turned out great! I'm not at all surprised that someone snatched it up quickly.

  3. That is awesome Carmella! I love what you did with it and I'm so excited for you that it sold right away! I know what it feels like to sell stuff you've put time and effort into - it can be hard to see it go. But I can't keep everything I make so I'm so glad there are people out there who like my stuff well enought to buy it!

  4. I have never found anything as you have! Everything looks great!

  5. Love the worktable redo! So cute! New follower from Chase the Star!


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