Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pallet Art Work.... Let It Be....

I love the simple things in life....

you know, the little things that just make you smile?

It doesn't take much for me, sometimes the smallest of sentiments make the biggest impact with me.

This pallet sign started out as, well....a pallet..hehehe
My handy dad cut and framed a few pieces together for me..

Here's the front view,

and the back...

This sign measures 20inx20in

Now for the fun part...making a stencil...

For this I used Freezer Paper, and to make it even easier... I just taped it right to the front of my computer screen and traced!
Just make sure you have the waxy side down.
I chose the font that I liked and typed it out in Microsoft Word and started tracing...

After I had it all traced out, I used an Exacto knife to carefully cut it out. I was sure to save the center part of any letter also.

Once I had all the lettering cut out, I placed it out on the sign....and because I used Freezer Paper, I was able to iron it in place :)

Yes, it works on wood too! Well, not as well as fabric, but it holds it in place long enough to get it painted and makes the job a whole lot easier 

I used a few different colors of acrylic craft paints, and a very stiff bristled brush to paint in the stencil.
When the paint was dry, I used tweezers to pull away the freezer paper, and that was it!

My new wall art has found a home in our dinning room for now...

Such a sweet and simple reminder for our little family to see!

Thanks so much for stopping by! 


  1. Shut the Front Door! You are in my head! I have pallet wood on the side of the house and just told the Hubby we are making a project with it "DON'T THROW IT AWAY". :) Love this and I'll surely be using your tips.

  2. I love this the pallet you have has such great colors in it. It is simple But make a big impact


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