Monday, October 1, 2012

Craft Fair Tips....Things I have learned along the way

First things first....I am in no way, shape, or form and expert at craft fairs.
But....I have been there, done that, and got the T-Shirt...

See? T-Shirt, check!

But, I thought it might be fun to share what I have learned along the way.........

Depending on what you will be showing/selling at the craft fair, you will need to start prepping early. Like a month in advance, early.
I have done sales on shorter notice, but generally like to have about four weeks to gear up.

Four weeks before the sale:
Planning Stage

Depending on how big your space will be, take note of how many of each item you would like to have at the sale.
To keep track of this, I use a highly technical device...
Just kidding ;)
I use my trusty Composition Notebook

It's perfect for jotting down inventory notes, ideas for each sale, or even sketching pictures of how you want your booth to look.
{I even make notes of what worked and what didn't after each sale so I can flip back and look}
Keep your notebook with you all the time!!
You never know when an idea or a thought will come, and you will forget.
{trust me.}

Also in the planning stage, you will want to find out all of the details of the show. Space size, indoor or outdoor, and dates and times of the event.
This part is really important because, if you are like me and have 100 children {hehehe} you will need to make sure they are cared for on the day of the sale while you are working.

Buy, or in my case borrow {thank you Mrs. Bounced Blessings} a pop up tent. E-Z up seems to be, well...the easiest to use. During the weeks before the sale, practice setting it up if you don't have any experience with them. 

Making a backdrop or "walls" for your area is also a good idea at this point in the planning stage. Peg board, old doors, or even canvas drop cloths make a great enclosure that will keep with a cute "store" look.
I am planning on adding some fun "walls" to my first 3 day sale! 
Pictures to come on that project....
But, you can find all kinds of great inspiration

Three Weeks Before the Sale:
Time to get to work!

This is the time to start creating all of the beautiful things you will be bringing with you to the sale. I start at this point because, even though I work my best under pressure, I like to allow myself enough time so I won't rush any of my projects. 

Try to make more than you think you will need. I find that what I don't sale at one craft fair, I can pack up for the next one...and be a little ahead!
Just keep focused, and you can do it! 

2 Weeks Before the Sale:
Help Spread the Word

While your event host has probably already started to get the word out about the sale, use social media to help too!
Hey, if you are going to be there you want it to be a success, right??
So Spread The Word!! 
Twitter, Facebook, and word of mouth are some of the best ways to promote.
Just think...if each vendor at a 20 vendor event invited 10 people??
200 potential shoppers and new friends!
Awesome, right? and not at all hard to do ;)

The week of the Sale:
Finishing Touches

I always do a mock set up during this last week. I like to see how everything will look out on the tables, and if I need any more display pieces.
Just make sure the space looks like "you", make it comfortable to move around in and also inviting.
Pricing your products while you have your mock set up ready is also really important, you want to make sure your shoppers don't have to ask you how much each item is. As a shopper, I am much for likely to buy something if I see a price on the product. 
Finally, don't forget why you signed up in the first place...
to share what you love.
Handmade items, often become like our babies...we spend so much time with them and want them to be loved like we love them.

Be proud of takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there, but 
if it matters to you, then it will matter to others.



  1. These are such great tips in the midst of the craft fair season. Thanks for the advice and sharing your tips.

  2. Super great post and lady you look fine in my Apron! I love how it turned out and how you wear it! xoxo. Rock it girl, because you can!

  3. Good tips. I don't think enough people realize the work before a show ever starts.



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