Saturday, September 8, 2012

Little Table....Re-Do I have missed my little blog!

I have been out of the loop since our modem and router bit the dust. Both at the same time, you might ask??
Well, yes. When it rains it pours and with a baby boy that loves to throw things on the ground they didn't stand a chance.

But....I'm back!!

And,  here is a little re-do project I worked on for my sweet friend, Jessica from Seams Sew Wright

I just love those wooden thread spool legs, and how perfect for a friend that loves sewing!?

I found this little gem at my favorite shop...yep, you guessed it...Junk-n-the Trunk!! 
Since I live  ummm, I mean, spend so much time there, I knew this little table wouldn't last long so I grabbed it right up!

Here is before...

on the underside of the table, I found this neat to know who made this and when!

To give the table the distressed look that I love so much, I used my favorite little trick....I just dabbed a little Vaseline on the areas where I wanted the paint to underneath to come through.

Then I prepared a nice little area on the sidewalk to spray paint.....

And...well, I think I got a little carried away...

I was a little panicked when I lifted up the board I was using to paint on to see this!
I immediately went over to ask you all on Facebook for help, and you all came through!
I sprinkled baking soda all over the paint, and then poured on a little peroxide...after a little scrubbing with an old mop, the paint was gone!!
Whew, thank goodness for smart friends :) the end...I think it was all worth it.. Jessica loved her new table!

And... I learned about paint removal.

Thanks so much for taking a look! 

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  1. What a sweet table! That is quite a tranformation and such a pretty shade of blue too.

    Thanks for the tip on cleaning up the spray paint. I'm glad to know that!

  2. It's perfect! The legs look like stacked thread spools, perfect for someone who loves to sew! Welcome back!

  3. Awe. It came out totally sweet. Good tip too. I did not know that!!

    Pretty awesome finding the info on the bottom ;)

  4. What a great little unique table! Your re-do is wonderful, and I learned 2 new tips (vaseline and the paint clean-up). Boy, I need to visit more often!


  5. Carmella! I LOVE this table! I actually have a similar shade of blue (Prelude by Behr) ready to go so I can re-do this nightstand I have in my entry way, and I was going to use 'your' Vaseline method that I remember from your jewelry box makeover! Now that I see this table I'm STOKED to do it! Great job as always!! Thanks for joining the party at Keep Calm and Link Up!!
    Barbara @ Chase the Star

  6. Very good makeover! And glad you are back! I hate when my electronics are down!

  7. Hey Carmella! Just wanted to let you know we're featuring you today @ Keep Calm & Link Up and hope you'll stop by to link up again (and grab a featured button)! Congrats!!

  8. You have no idea of how special of a friend you are to me! I can't seem to ever say thank you enough. You are a constant support and inspiration to be a much better person.

    THANK YOU and (((HUGS)))


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