Thursday, July 26, 2012

Random thoughts from a very busy momma....

Here is a little insight into my world right now, 
I know you were just dying to know ;)

That seems to be the way my world is working right now.

You see, in two short days, this sweet little {8!} year old girl will be having a birthday party

And she has requested that I make her cake....and of course I said, "sure, baby. I can do that!"
And while I am thinking about that cake that needs to be made tomorrow night, and the goodie bags, and the decorations I still need to get, I am also thinking about the house that NEEDS to be cleaned before our family comes into town. I can't have them thinking we have lived like total animals this summer, right?

And while I am thinking about that..... in the back of my mind, I am also thinking about this sweet boy

because he starts kindergarten in 4 short days.
And...I am really sad about this. I have worries...mainly, what if I take him for his first day and he runs back out of the room crying after me, am I allowed to say, "this isn't going to work out and I will be taking him back home with me now."?? 
No. that won't work, but believe me...I have thought about this....a lot.

And while I am thinking of these things, I am also thinking of this wonderfully sweet, squishy little baby boy too...

Would you just look at that sweet face?! Here is something I have learned about Liam in the past few weeks....he loves his momma. a lot. more than anything ever, he just wants me to be right beside him holding him or playing with him.
And I love that idea too.....
But, if you have read the first part of this post you will understand my trouble.

I know I am not the only one in the history of the world that has been busy. I get it.....I'm just trying to wrap my head around all of it, and writing it down seems to here I am ;) I feel better.

Thanks for listening, and prayers are always welcome.

Other things that are also welcome:

A cleaning fairy
Ace of Cakes, Duff delivered right to my front door to help me make a cake
A babysitter that loves my children as much as I do
A therapy session about dealing with separation anxiety {from my 5 year old}
A look a like to hold Liam while I take a shower

I'm not asking for too much, right?
{ because I'd hate to sound like a diva ;) }


  1. awe!! just reading this made my smile because it shows just how much you love your children! THATS A WONDERFUL THING!!! :) no matter the outcome of the cake or the tears that may shed on the 1st day of school or the shower you take alone ~they know you love them!!! You just can't beat that!!! :)
    Sheryl Kirkland

  2. Hang in there, Carmella! I think most of us can relate to what you're going through. {{hugs}} to you.

  3. (sorry was on my hubbys google account some how)

  4. i will say some prayers for you...when i left my youngest at kindergarten, (quite a few years ago), i cried all the way home...i was the one with separation anxiety, ha! you are a normal mom...that should help, right? as for the house...maybe you can make a game with the kids, so they can help you pick up whatever needs to be out of for the rest, people come to see you, not your home...and as emily barnes says, if it's over the top of their head, they can't see it! as long as your relatives are not tall people, ha! a little mess makes it looked lived in and they can relax! (now, please remind me of this when i'm stressing before company!) don't will all get done! just enjoy the moment...

  5. Bless your heart. My prayers will be with you. It will all come together. I promise. Just take one step at a time. Only do want is most important. Your children growing up is hard-don't let anyone tell you it is easy, because it's not. All 7 of mine are all grown and gone, and my heart hurts to hold them when they were 5 everyday.
    Wish I lived closer so I could be your cleaning fairy/babysitter/helper.
    Love you sweet mom.

  6. awww, can totally relate. Us mommas have some overwhelming lives sometimes, and though we wouldn't dare trade it for anything in the world, it is by far the toughest job ever. Saying some prayers for you - and you know you'll get through it, because that's what we do;). Life's one big rollercoaster, I'm learning more and more each day! Hugs!

  7. Just stopping by to let you know I featured your paper roll painting craft on my blog.
    Hunger Fix -

    Adorable family and great blog!!

  8. Ah I remember the days. And I cannot believe I am now one of teh moms that 'remembers they days' when her kids were little. My baby is going on 7. If you lived close I'd be over to help - I'm in ohio am i close enough?!??


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