Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pin-tested Recipes......Pass or Fail {the 2nd addition}

I am back again with a couple more recipes that I tried out from Pinterest!!

First up, is THIS PIN for Seasoned Roasted Potatoes. This recipe comes from the blog, Iowa Girl Eats. Have you read this blog before? I was happy to find it while checking out this recipe and it really is such a great read! I know I'll be back there often to see what she has going on! back to the point...FOOD!

Right away, the potato fanatic in me was in LOVE with this picture. It may have been love at first sight, because I knew I was going to give these a try!

And this is how they turned out for me....

Let me just start by saying that my photo doesn't even come close to doing these incredibly delicious potatoes justice. Soooo easy to whip up as a side dish, the ingredients are things we always have on hand. My family loved them, and I know I'll be making them all the time now!! 
You can find her recipe
If you like potatoes at all you will LOVE these...and that's a promise!

Next, let me introduce you to my newest addiction....

Mexican Doritos Casserole....
Oh, goodness
It all started with this little unassuming PIN
And, now...I'm pretty sure it has changed my life {or at the very least my pant size because this ain't no health food!}

Looks yummy, right?

Well, allow me to tell you how it tastes....
too tasty for it's own good
out of the world
life changing deliciousness
"get out your stretch pants and settle in" good 

yep, it really is that good.

This recipe comes from an all things food blog called, Jam Hands. Tons of greatness going on over there! This is a blog to keep your eye on for sure.

So, do you think this one passed or failed ;)

Oh, Yeah it passed!! With flying colors!
You can find the recipe for this awesomeness

And the next time you are in the need of some comfort food, 

Well, there you have it...two more recipes, and two more have passed!
{hoping I don't get a "fail" any time soon!}

And...I would love to hear what you have been Pin-Testing too!!

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  1. Mmm,...definitely trying those potatoes. I can't believe how easy they look and pretty yummy-looking too.

  2. I am pinning that potato recipe now! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh wow, they both look delicious!

  4. That makes me hungry just looking at it. So yummy.

  5. Oh, I've got to try those roasted potatoes!
    We did the Doritos Casserole a few nights ago and our plan for that one is to eat it as often as possible! We tripled the recipe because we had company and they were amazed at how good it was!


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