Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Trash to Treasure.... chalkboard table

If you follow along on Facebook, then you already know that today was my lucky day!
My kiddos slept in until 8am {this is unheard of!} The sun was shining, a breeze was blowing and on my way home from the store I found this little gem sitting out on the curb

I asked all of you on Facebook, 
"what in the world do I turn this into??"
It only sits about 1 foot off the ground, so it was too short for a side table. 
The ideas starting pouring in...
An ottoman, a craft table for the kiddos, cut in half to make shelves...
turned upside down with a cushion for a pet bed.
You guys ROCK! 
{have I told you that lately?}

What I decided on in the end was to turn it in to a creative space for the kiddos. I gave it a makeover in my style. My love for chippy paint and a chalkboard surface for them...

a match made in heaven ;)

To start...
the table had some pretty deep holes drilled into the top in four areas

To fix this, I used a tried and true trick my dad uses all the time
Wood filler made from saw dust and Elmer's glue!
Pretty smart fella my dad is, huh?

I took a handful of sawdust and added just enough glue for it all to bind together

Once it was mixed, I filled in the holes and let it dry

After it was all dry, I gave it a light sanding and the table top was good as new and ready for paint

I knew I wanted this piece to have an aged and distressed look so I started by painting with a dark brown craft paint only in the areas that I wanted to show in the end

Next, I added a thin layer of Vaseline over the painted areas
make sure to only put the Vaseline where you want the dark paint to show through in your finished piece!

Now that the table was prepped and ready, I gave it a good coat of Rustoleum Spray Paint in Antique White

Ready for the fun {and EASY} distressing part??
Just grab a paper towel, that's right, NO sandpaper needed!!
Wipe away the paint where you added the Vaseline underneath and 

Aged to perfection in no time at all!

So stinkin' easy! I love the way it turned out!

For the top of the table, I mixed
2 Tablespoons white unsanded to 1/4 cup flat paint to make chalkboard paint

I put on two coats, making sure that each layer dried completely between coats
and the table was finished!

Now time for her photo shoot ;)

And...well, this table is for the kids so I thought I should see what Liam thought about it too

He likes it!!
And...he also thinks chalk is a tasty snack...


And then he gives me this look because he's knows I'll let him do anything he wants ;)

So...that was my day. Pretty good I'd say and as I was working away on our new to us table, I could hear the trash truck in the distance. Today was trash day in our neighborhood, and to think...this table was supposed to be trash!

So happy I could give it a new life ;)

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  1. Carmella I love the table but what I really, really, love is the tip on filling the holes. I never knew you could do that and I really need to know that sometimes! Thank you so much for that tutorial.

  2. Looks amazing! Thanks for all the great tips! I am going to be trying this technique on my next refinished piece. FYI don't try antiqueing ink over acrylic paint for your chippy edges. The color fades to green even after you seal it with varnish.

  3. Oh my word I LOVE this! you are so talented! I hadn't heard of using vaseline... awesome tip.
    Thanks for linking up at Hearts&Homes on mercyinkblog.com!

  4. love how it turned out! I'm going to have to remember that distressing trick!


  5. Thanks for the distressing AND wood filling tip! ... Good choice for use, too. Perfect for the kids to play/snack on :)

  6. Wow! That is amazing! I never heard of the vaseline trick...gotta' remember that one. You are so creative and not to mention, inspiring. I love that I've "met" you. Have a wonderful day! ~~Robyne~~

  7. What very cute find, and an adorable face! I think I need to pin this for that homemade wood putty! The table is Lovely too!

  8. Table looks great! thanks for sharing the wood putty! Just found you now following.

  9. Wow, friend, what a difference!! Too fun!

  10. Ha ha....that Liam is a stinker but oh so cute, lol. Love how your table turned out and wow, Vaseline is a great trick - so easy. Thanks for sharing at our party this week.

  11. What an excellent tranformation! You painted & distressed that table to perfection & that chalkboard top is a cute idea. As is that little Liam!

  12. Oh love this. I am busy building a chunky dining room console table and still need to finish off the filling and painting. Will use your trick with the vaseline. Thanks


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