Monday, May 14, 2012

You might be a DIY Blogger if........


You might be a DIY blogger if:

{1} You think about the world in terms of a "blog post".....

{2} You have a, not so hidden, stash of Mason Jars to turn into something fabulous at any given moment........

{3} You have ever been guilty of cleaning only the area of the house you are photographing for a blog post {and if you were to take a picture behind you, it might just look like an episode of Hoarders}


{4} You spend hours searching Pinterest and while you are there, you take a peek to see if any of your projects have been pinned too {see more from.....}

{5} You make things to share a tutorial and then have no idea where to put them in your own house....

{6} You spend way too much time setting up just the right photo op for your latest project only to have one of your kids pop his head in the picture at the last second......

{7} And finally....
You might be a DIY blogger if you tend to talk about your "followers" to people who know nothing about blogging and they may or may not think that you are the leader of some kind of cult....
{ I drank the Kool-Aid ;) }


Hey...we can't take life too seriously all the time, right!
Thanks for following along!


  1. Yep, I have mason jars and metal cans. :) xo

  2. I can relate to ALL of them! Number 7 especially...even the husband looks at me crazy! HA!

  3. LOL - no kidding. My family wonders who I am always partying with. I'm sure they thing I've regressed to some early 20s drinking and dancing thing, lol.

  4. Love it! My husband and I put something together this weekend and he said "this is going on your blog isn't it?" Um, yes!

  5. LOVE this list. And I think every one of them is true for

  6. Ha,ha!! I love this post!! I brought home a new pair of crocs the other day and the first thing my husband asked me was, how I was going to work them into a blog post. ha,ha.
    I have been guilty of each of these at least once. Thanks for the fun.:)

  7. Oh my gosh, yes yes and yes. I am guilty of them all. LOL

  8. I have, seriously, at least 40- 50 antique mason jars that I found at the dump. I can't consider crafting with them because they are antique but then ...what? They are just sitting there, sad and lonely.
    I need to let it go and make something with them already.

  9. LOL Pass the kool-aid! And the pictures that the kids didn't pop their head into, the dog did! LOL this was a great and funny post Carmella!
    Nice job!

  10. Oh goodness, guess I'm a DIY blogger then! (although my 'kid' is on 4 legs and a little furry...) love this! haha


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