Monday, May 21, 2012

Voting Time!!


I entered into the One Crafty Contest over at One Artsy Mama
And I made it to round one!!!

I can't reveal my project to you...that's a secret to keep things fair, but I sure would love if you could head that way and vote!
You can vote for your top 5 choices 
{fingers crossed that mine is one of them!}
Just be sure to click "vote" at the top of the project of your choice!

Voting ends tomorrow {Tuesday} at noon!

Here's hoping I make it to the next round!!


  1. I've got my votes in. Good luck, Carmella.

  2. Got my vote in for you too. Good Luck

  3. I have to say, your bead project was one of my top favorites. I can only believe that the confusion over where the vote button was why you weren't in the very top. Your little olives were clever and unique. Seriously, one of my very vote went to you!

    amy @


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