Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Our Handprints are Published! Let's Celebrate with a Giveaway!

Near the end of last year I got an email from Lisa, senior editor at Thomas Nelson publishing company....the email was about one of our family projects that was pinned on Pinterest....

It is one of my all time favorite projects, and boy did it make it's rounds on Pinterest! It was so neat stumbling upon my little family's hand prints and seeing it pinned so many times!

It caught Lisa's eye, and she emailed to tell me that it would be perfect for a book written by Pastor Dave Stone called,  Building Family Ties through Faith, Love, and Laughter.

How exciting, right??
It didn't take me long to realize what a great opportunity this would be, how exciting that we will have such a great memory of our family doing this project together! 

There it is on page 11 !!

I'm still sort of amazed at the doors that God has opened for us this past year.... when things like this happen, it feels like a gentle reminder that I am doing what HE wants me to be doing...and that just makes me smile : D

And, how about this??
 When I sent in the paperwork for the release and tax info to Lisa, it turns out that we live in the same exact town...yep, out of all the pictures on Pinterest, she found mine and we are practically neighbors! Small World!

So...because I am so thrilled by this, and I love sharing what makes me happy with you....

It's Giveaway time!!

Enter below for your chance to win a copy of Building Family Ties with Faith, Love & Laughter!

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  1. Blessed.....perfect name for you and this post and all the things that are happening in your life...Blessings is what I would call them. I'm so happy for you and I'm very excited for the opportunity to win the giveaway.

  2. I forgot to mention that I love Pinterest because it's just so much fun to see all of the fun ideas. I feel like it helps spark my inspiration. I love crafts and my children love crafts, so it's fun to see what's out there.

  3. I enjoy how versatile Pinterest is. I can spend hours looking at so many different things I'm interested in...too many There are so many creative ideas on Pinterest. Katy Lamb

  4. I love finding things on pinterest. It's a great resource for kids crafts and ideas. I love recipes and pinterest is a great place for that too. A friend of mine and I are starting a pinterest recipe swap where we take turns cooking a meal with recipes we find on pinterest and have eachother's families over for dinner :)

  5. ;) CONGRATULATIONS LOVE! <3 You must be bursting with Joy! God is so amazing, but His blessings specially go to those who heed His word and follow His ways! So of COURSE amazing things will happen to you! You deserve them! <3 As for Pinterest, I'm pretty sure I should belong to a 12 step program!


  6. Congratulations to you!! I love pinterest for the fanatastic ideas and recipes I find on it...and knowing where they are!!

  7. Love your blog!!!! I love craft and sewing..Good luck with your beautiful creations..God bless you



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