Thursday, April 5, 2012

She's using Mod Podge.....Again

Mod Podge......
Have I told you lately, that I love you?

All a girl really needs in life is

Okay, so that might be a stretch...she also needs a good pair of jeans and someone to tell her that her butt looks good in them...
But now, I'm just getting off track...

Mod Podge and I get along great.
 So great in fact that I think I should have stock in the company by now.
This is what we did together yesterday

And to all started with this little garden caddie that I picked up at Junk-N-the Trunk

To get started...I mixed up a little homemade chalk paint
{2 tablespoons unsanded grout to 1 cup flat pain}
I love this need for sanding!

I painted the entire piece an antique white

While it was drying I went in and found this awesome image of a French pastry label from the wonderful, amazing, oh so generous Graphics Fairy

Well,'s the mirror image of said label...and only as I am writing this post did I realize that the wonderful, amazing oh so generous Graphics Fairy already have this mirror image ready to download.
I spent {apparently} too much time trying to figure out how to do this myself...when all along it was right there for me...oh well, at least I learned something new! transfer this beautiful image, I got out my trusty Mod Podge and, with a sponge brush, applied  an even coat over the image.
I then placed the image face down on the painted caddie and waited {not so patiently} for it to dry....

When it was completely dry, I dipped my fingers into a little water and started to slowly rub the paper away...

Taaa Daaaa....
Like magic.

Don't put your Mod Podge away just yet...
I still needed to seal it...and wouldn't you guess, I used Mod Podge for that too

I mixed in a little brown acrylic paint to some Mod Podge...the goal is that it would give it a slightly aged tinted look...
And, I think it worked like a charm.....

And there you have it....time to get out the Mod Podge!!

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I need to try that technique. It looks so cool! Another beautiful piece!

    My modge podge sleeps in the bed with me and my husband, right next to the dog. It is a part of our family. I couldn't live without it either.

  2. Cuteness! Love the Frenchy look. One day... (don't tell) I will try some. I pinned this so I have your tut when I need it.

    Happy Spring!

  3. That is really cool! I love the look you created! I am always impressed by your creativeness!

  4. This is so pretty. I love the aged look that you achieved. I tried your trick with the mod podge and found that I was a little heavy handed or didn't wait for it to dry entirely (probably a combination of both) and I rubbed off the picture in a couple of places. I am definitely going to try again though, now that I have a better feel for it.

  5. Carmella, thank you for your beautiful comment. I'm off to discover your beautiful site and I'm hoping there is a way to subscribe or become a follower! Thank you and have a most holy weekend.

  6. such a cute idea! Yeah me and modge podge are besties too! This will look good with your farmhouse living room!


  7. I love how you revamped that caddy. I am a mod podge fan too! Have a blessed weekend!


  8. I really like how this turned out! I have not had as good of luck doing this technique, so I must be doing something wrong.

  9. Oh, how I love Modge Podge, and this tray is AMAZING! thanks for sharing.

  10. Your tray looks great. I do love mod podge but have not tried any transfers with it. thanks for the tip on how that is done.

  11. AWESOME tutorial! Thank you for sharing how to do the transfer part... I never quite got that until I read your explanation. I actually have a little tool box that I might just have to do this too... :)

    Thanks for sharing your fun post for Fresh-Cut Friday! :) I'm so glad you did! I hope you have a Blessed Easter weekend.


  12. You did a great job on your crate!

    Linking from Rose Vignettes.

    Happy Easter!

    Ricki Jill

  13. You did such a good job on this, I love the transfer but have never been brave enough to try it. Question about your paint, you said you didn't need to sand the piece, does the paint stick better because of the grout? I have a few pieces of furniture I want to try but have a ton of detail that would be too hard to sand.

  14. I totally get you and mod podge because I'm a mod podge junky. This is so pretty, and I really must have one of my own!!

  15. Love it! I would of never thought of mixing in the paint! Great idea!

  16. Oh, sweet friend, you just get better and better with each project! LOVE this one. Gorgeous! Beautiful pics too!! I have to try that Mod Podge technique soon!!! I mean it! Featuring you tomorrow on Top 10 Thursdays!

  17. This is great! I have never tried a transfer. What kind of paper do your print the image onto?

  18. Hey pretty mama...I totally featured this today! And if and when I steal it you'll pretend that you didn't do it first. :)

  19. Oh, Carmella! This is gorgeous! I'm not a big Mod Podge user because it's messy (in my mind) but I would totally get on board to transform something from blah to beautiful like this!

  20. You know how I feel about this...and YOU! <3 Thanks for entering the contest; best of luck!

  21. Hello Gorgeous!! WOW this is so pretty and I love Mod Podge and Holy Moly this ROCKS!!! Great great job!!

  22. That is just what I need for my music cabinet. I can't wait to try this. Great idea to tint the mod podge, too.

  23. This is so pretty! I love the image transfer.

  24. MY LOVE! I'm browsing through my twitter, and see your caddie! I haven't been home all day so I haven't seen any blogs! Amy shared it on her twitter AND ON ModPodge rocks! :) CONGRATS! I'm pinning of course! <3 LOVE IT! (and you!)

  25. I never posted about this! Love it and will be apply this detail too on the Pallet project. :)

  26. This is gorgeous and the Mod Podge transfer technique is one I haven't tried yet. Two questions, if you don't mind... How long did you let it dry before you considered it dry? And, does all of the paper come off so that if you used a transfer on white paper, but applied it to a darker surface, would you only be left with the transfer itself?

    Thanks so much!


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