Friday, April 13, 2012

The Boy in the Middle....A letter From Your Momma

My sweet, loving, patient and kind boy.....

Today is your birthday.

Five years old. The time has passed so fast. Everyone warned me that it would happen that way so I took time to slow down and watch you grow. You have a wonderful way about you that makes me smile just at the thought of you....

My sweet. loving, patient and kind boy....

You are the second child in our family. Right in the middle. You had to learn to be patient, learn to wait your turn. You realized that you would never be the "first" to do things....but you handle it all in stride. You proudly take your victories where you find them and still, ever so patiently, wait for you turn.

My sweet, loving, patient and kind boy.....

Today you are five. Five means lots of things, this is not lost on me. Five means kindergarten, a whole day of me waiting to hear about your day. Five means new friends, new adventures....
Five means I have to let you go a little. Share you with the world.

But no matter how many years go by....
You will always be 

My sweet, loving, patient and kind boy....

And I am so very, very proud to be your momma.
Happy Birthday to you, Bryce.




  1. i'm a mama to two boys and a girl...(she is our middle child)...and grandma to two more boys! your little guy is blessed and the Lord must have great plans for him! God bless him on his 5th birthday! the time does go youngest is now 22! time just flew! the good thing is, there is great joy in every season of their lives! enjoy!

  2. Beautiful thoughts, Carmella. Happy, happy birthday to Bryce.

  3. Such a nice post. It is funny how quickly they grow. I love the picture of him standing on the street looking so matter of fact. Happy birthday

  4. You have me crying over here! What a beautiful post for Bryce! I hope he had a wonderful birthday!



  5. What a precious post! Happy birthday to your litle man :)


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