Sunday, March 18, 2012

Over the past year......

Where does the time go?

Has it really been a year since I sat down one Saturday morning and started this blog?
I remember thinking, "I'm going to do one will ever read it, but I am going to blog."

Little did I know...that not only would people read this little blog of mine, but that I would make real connections with so many. Friendships that get me through my day, conversations and that make me laugh, make me think, and sometimes bring me to tears. feels real now.

To say that I have grown so much this past year would be an understatement. And let's remember that I did actually grow...
a lot.
I started this blog when I was about 10 weeks pregnant....and as my little blog grew...
So did I

One week before we met Liam!

This past year of blogging has given me the confidence to do things I never would have tried...remember my very first craft fair?

It went so well that I decided to open an online shop a few months later! I love being able to share my handmade items. I love what I do so much, I can't believe that I actually get paid for it. So I have to say a big thank you to all of you who support me and my's what I like to call my, "happy place"

This blog has been a place for me to share a little of my's surely not perfect, but it has been the best therapy just being able to have this creative outlet. 
I just feel so amazingly BLESSED to be have been accepted into this wonderful community of creative minds with open arms. If I could gather you all up in a room, I would hug each and every one of you!
Thank you, thank you for making this such an amazing year for me!!

I can't wait to see what the next year will bring!
So, CHEERS! and here's hoping I don't run out of creative ideas any time soon!

And stay tuned, tomorrow starts 7 days of giveaways to celebrate!!
I hope to see you there!


  1. so very proud of you my sister!!!!

  2. How exciting! What a great milestone to achieve! I guess I am starting out at the beginning here, so this post is an inspiration. I love what I do, and I am looking forward to making connections through the "blog world" and beyond. Have a blessed day!

    Blessings, Grace

  3. What a wonderful year it has been :) Congratulations on your first year of success!

  4. Oh, it has been a really wonderful year for you! I am so impressed by how amazing you are, so much talent! So happy to have met you & gotten to know you better! Congrats!

  5. Happy one year of blogging, sweet friend! So glad to have "met" you!

  6. Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary!

    I ragged you in blog tag :)

  7. Congratulations. I'm so happy you decided to travel down this path so that I could (selfishly) get to know you. I wish I was in that room returning your hug (because we now know we're both huggy people). lol

  8. Happy blog-birthday! You are an inspiration to many...keep up the great work. ~~Robyne~~

  9. Carmella, I am SO SO sooo glad that you started your blog one year ago. I don't know what I would do with out your kind words and you great friendship. Happy Happy 1 year! I am SO proud that you have done so many great things over this past year!!! :o)

  10. ma che bella famigliola sembra quella del mulino bianco e che bel bambino passa da me


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