Saturday, March 31, 2012

Get to know me.....A work in progress.....

I am Carmella......
"creative" Carmella in my better moments, but mostly I'm just Carmella..

I am a wife....

This is my hubby and me almost 9 years ago!
I am a momma....

I  "work" from home...I say "work" lightly because it doesn't feel like work at feels like happy place....

I am a friend to the world.
I hug....a lot. Strangers, friends, family....every one is up for grabs.
I am the crazy lady at the grocery store that has no business talking to you, but I will find a reason to talk to you
{consider yourself warned}
 I might talk to you about the good looking strawberries in your cart, or maybe even ask for directions to velvetta cheese {don't judge, you know it makes a tasty dip}

I work hard at the things that matter....My marriage. My family relationships. My relationship with God.
I'm not perfect by any stretch of the imagination...and if somewhere along the way you have gotten the impression that I've got it all together...I don't.

Most days you could find me at 12pm unshowered, still in my PJ's.
I sometimes tell my kids, "in just a minute..." way too many times in a row. I want to work on that the most.
I can be a little emotional at times....I take things to heart too much.
I have self diagnosed ADD, and sometimes this means I walk in circles for hours without getting anything finished.
My house needs a good cleaning....I have put lots and lots of other things ahead of this lately and boy, is it showing now.
Most of the time, I am impatient....and I forget the "bigger picture".
Sometimes I forget to tell the people that matter to me the most that they matter to me the most....that nothing comes before them, that I wouldn't be who I am without them....
And sometimes, because I am just plain tired at the end of the day, I forget to thank God for all the blessings in my life.

The thing is...I am a work in progress.
Continual movements to get me to be the person God needs me to be.....
Forever prayerful that I am letting Him lead me in the decisions that need to be made, friendships I need to nurture, moments I need to take more time to savor.

Becoming the person that makes this statement true.....

So...that's me....

thank you.
for taking the time to get to know me a little better.....


  1. Great post! It was fun learning more about you. And we probably all could be considered "works in progress". Even some of us "older" women!


  2. What a touching post! Thanks to my daughter, Ginger Walls of Literally Inspired, I already read your posts and enjoy the things you share with your readers.

    This post just reached out and melted my heart with love. Thank you for your openness and honesty. We're all works in progress under the guiding hand of a loving Heavenly Father. You are a blessing in my life and I thank you again for your words.


  3. Absolutely beautiful! You are an amazing person, also an inspiration to me!

  4. My reply is too long here for words...I'll run out of characters!!! "Love" doesn't even describe it!

  5. Reading this was like reading a description of myself... You are a "beautiful work in progress"! But aren't we all!

    Good to know we aren't alone though!
    Thanks for sharing a very personal post today... made me stop and think...

  6. I love honesty! :) It's wonderful when people are open about their lives without worrying about what the world thinks. Which reminds you, I think your pretty awesome :)

  7. "Sister", this is my favorite post you've ever written. You are so beautiful inside and out. We're all works in progress, aren't we? My house needs a good cleaning too, and I find myself needing to remember over and over not to do the "in a minute" thing with LC. I know just where you're coming from. You are an inspiration, pj's and all, and I'm glad to have you as a friend. Love that quote too. <3 HUGS.

  8. Hi Carmella! This is my favorite post as well. Just for your information, you could insert Bettie into this post. This sounds just like me....But to be honest I kind of like being a work in progress. I love that I still have so many things to learn, so many projects to complete, personal growth and prayerfully many many more years saying "just a minute" to my children. So from one work in progress to another, here's to many more years of love, joy, happiness, projects, fun, housecleaning...because we have to at some point....and just life being a mother, wife, friend, sister, aunt!

  9. Wow. You shared a beautiful genuine and honest person it seems! Thank you for putting yourself out there.

    Definitely pulled on the heart strings.

  10. hi carmella....i am a work in progress too...i am very much like you....although my babies are all grown with children of their own..
    most of the time, i don't know where i am going or what i am doing....i take on a lot more than i can chew...
    i think god puts some people in our path so that we can connect with them and grow....
    thanks for being so candid....glad to see we can find purpose and grow along with each your posts....

  11. I am drawn to REAL like my dog is to butter(i me. It is a top 3 problem priority in our crazy household)...and reading your blog is refreshing..and best of all...real. Thank you for sharing the authentic you:)

  12. What an honest and sweet post. I already enjoyed reading your blog, and this made me like you even more. Thanks for sharing more about you!

  13. I love this post! How nice to get to know you a little better. And it could totally be me too. I need to get my house clean today or I'm in trouble :) but I've got my trusty pjs on to help me! Thanks for keeping it real! It was beautiful!

  14. I love this what a great way to look at ourselves we are always evolving and learning. I can totally see you in the local grocery tore striking up a convo with a stranger just because. You are such an honest and caring person and it is great to see that.
    Have a gret night.


  15. I loved getting to know you better through this post. You are the kind of woman that I would love to be friends with in "real life", and I am happy to know you through the blog world! ;)

    Blessings, Grace

  16. I loved getting to know you better through this post. You are the kind of woman that I would love to be friends with in "real life", and I am happy to know you through the blog world! ;)

    Blessings, Grace

  17. Love this! We have a lot in common :)

  18. anna loizos-wardJuly 6, 2013 at 11:53 PM

    Too cool for school! You're awesome!


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