Tuesday, March 6, 2012

DIY Coffee Cup Stamping

I have heard from many....

"I am not very creative....I don't know if I could make that...."

Here's what I know,
we are all creative and artistic in our own ways...
sometimes it just takes baby steps...

This is a great project to get you started!!

Want to see how simple it is to make this personalized coffee cup??

here is what you will need:
StazOn ink pad {This stuff is awesome! it's a permanent ink that works on everything from ceramic to metal}
White ceramic coffee cup {I got mine from the Dollar Tree}
Stamps {any that you have will do, not pictured below is a letter set that I got at Wal-mart for $1}

There are no real directions for this project...
Just use your creativity and go!
Just know that this ink does not dry quickly so you will have time to wipe it away if you make a mistake!
Just have fun!!
{Note, I hand wash all of my dishes so that is how I will clean mine...I am not sure how the ink will hold up in the dishwasher}

* Updated* Susan from Homeroad did this project last year and says they cannot be washed in the dishwasher :( looks like hand washing only!

See...there's nothing to it!

Maybe even put a pin on it to try this later and...
while your at it you can

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Can't wait to hear what you all come up with!



  1. This is too quick and easy not to try!!! How awesome! Thanks for sharing Carmella!!

  2. What an amazing idea! And how adorable would this be to gift to someone. You are pretty creative, my friend!

  3. Cute idea! I have Staz-On ink...hmmm. :)


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