Friday, March 9, 2012

Bloom Where You are Planted...A DIY Project

We have Spring Fever at our house...
it began in February.
I blame it on the unseasonably warm weather, and so many sunny days.
This is a project that was inspired by and completed during one of those sunny days...

I started with a 16x16in board and painted it with a beautiful Robin's egg blue. Then I printed out the saying from my computer and layed it all out....

To transfer the words...I enlisted my trusty assistant. He colored in the back of the paper with pencil...he said it was a lot of work. He asked for payment. I gave him a hug.
{He is available for hire Monday through Friday}

I was then able to lay out all the words again, face up, and then trace them. When you lift away the paper you have a perfect outline ready for paint...

Add paint....

To add the Mason jar I asked my dad for a little help in figuring this out...
To be able to unscrew the jar for washing and adding water, he decided it would be best if we screwed the lid to the board...
We used metal sheers to cut a 1/2 inch area of the rim of the lid and folded it back

With that piece flattened on the board, we added a screw to hold it in place

And that's it... a pretty piece of art to hold all that Spring has to offer....

Oh...Spring! I am so happy you will be here soon!

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  1. Carmella, this is so pretty and very creative. I love the mason jar flower vase idea. Kudos to you and your crafting "partners".
    Katy Lamb

  2. Yes, sounds like you had a great creativity team in place for this one. Very clever of your dad to figure out how to adhere the jar to it. Really nice,, how about some spring.

  3. Oh so pretty has spring written all over it. This would be great for inside or for on your fence outside.

  4. This is so pretty! I love the color you chose! What a great saying!

  5. Carmella!
    This is so sweet-I just love it. I also featured your clock on my FB page! Good work this week, girl!

    Kim @ Too Much Time

  6. Love this.......gotta do one like it.

    I've just become your newest follower.......found you over on Get Schooled Saturday. Please visit me and maybe follow back @

  7. I love this Carmella! It is definitely one of my favorite projects of yours. The color is so pretty and I adore that quote! It is just my style!


  8. Love it, can you ship the little helper available to work? I'd love to have him here to play, you can come too, as his entourage. ;) I have a nice, cozy guest room. :D

  9. Adorable project Carmella! The nicest thing is that you got to work on it with your dad. Sounds like with the weather cooperating it was the perfect day. Have a good weekend and Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  10. That is just so beautiful, and perfect for spring! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Blessings, Grace


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