Saturday, February 11, 2012

Baby Gift Idea......Super Simple DIY


So I have this friend....she was pregnant for what seemed like 100 years
{we were all very excited to meet this little guy}

And then she was in labor......
And 36 hours later he made his way into the world.....

Whew, I can't even imagine, but needless to say he was worth the wait!

As I was looking for gift ideas, I came across THIS on pinterest last night....
So...I went to the store {in the snow!} to get the supplies I needed

And this is what I came up with....

But, Wait....if you turn it around there is a side for Mom too.....
{she was pregnant for 100 years and in labor for 36 hours, she could use some pampering!}

Here is how I made it

Supplies needed:

(1) Beverage Holder
Scrapbook paper
Embellishments (card stock letters or stickers)
Scissors and glue
Small gifts for baby and mom

I started with a root beer beverage holder....

I traced around the side of the box {just lay the box on it's side and trace onto your scrapbook paper}

Do the same for the handle

All there was left to do was attach the paper with glue

I added some pretty letters and the little gifts and it was finished!

Oh...I hope she loves it!

What do you think....would you love to get this as a gift?

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  1. Cute, cute, cute! Great gift! I definitely plan on doing this :) (or trying to, haha!)

  2. Fantastic Idea!
    Anyone would be thrilled to receive such a special delivery!

  3. Cutest idea ever! What an adorable little carrying case!

  4. That is SUCH a great idea! Pinning! Why did God make you so clever? :) And when are you going to come to MD so we can have coffee?

  5. What a nice gift, I am sure Mom and Baby will love them.

  6. A-dorable! Will have to PIN this! Thanks for sharing your creativity. ~~Robyne~~


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