Saturday, January 14, 2012

With the Confidence of a Four Year Old.....

I want to do things with the confidence of a four year old.....

Allow me to explain.....

You see this sweet boy?
 He belongs to me....and one day he will belong to the world, but for now, I like to think of him as all mine.

Sometimes we have conversations that go just like this.....

momma, do you know if we could find a pond that is frozen?

Well, I don't know. Maybe we could. Why?

Well, I need you to buy me some ice skates and if you found me a frozen pond I could go ice skating

Hmmm....that sure does sound like fun, doesn't it? But you have never gone ice skating before, what if you fall down?

Oh, I am so good at ice skating!

Oh, you are? How do you know?

because I just do! I am pretty great at everything.....

See what I mean?
Confidence, the boy has confidence.

I like to think that I have helped him with this...I've been a loud cheering section for my children. Loud enough that they hear me and more than that, they believe me. But eventually you have to give your kids to the world, no I don't mean give them away....I just mean you have to let them learn their own way in the world. They start school, make friends, become more and more independent....and somewhere in the middle of all of that the confidence starts to slip. They are no longer in the bubble of that one woman cheering section.
They learn that they may not be great at everything....but it has always been my prayer, as their momma, that they at least try. I cheer for my "babies" I am starting to think that maybe I should have the confidence of a four year old too. I too often don't try things because...guess what, you won't believe this....but I am not great at everything....and this fear of not being great keeps me from trying.

And then I remember....
I still have a one woman cheering section of my own, and she would want be to try....even if I fail....she would want me to try. And just as I am with my own's in the "trying" that makes me so proud.

Guess I learned that from the best.....and when I grow up, I want to be just like her.....

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  1. Beautiful post, Carmella. You're such a good mama. :)

  2. Great post! If only we could all have the confidence of your son, we would be willing to achieve so much more! Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a great sentiment, Carmella. What would we be able to accomplish if we had that type of confidence? Something to think about!

  4. For starters I am very proud to have you for my daughter! You may have learned alot from me growing up, but now I learn from you! You always have the right things to say! You have more confidence than you think you do!!!! We are all blessed to have such a beautiful, thoughtful, and kind person in our lives! I am blessed to have 3 wonderful children and 6 wonderful grandchildren! I love you

  5. Oh my gosh that is so sweet and so true. You are one Fantastic Woman

  6. Love this! What great inspiration.

  7. Heart-touching!! I read it from a child's perspective as well as a mom's (though I am not one yet). It made perfect sense.

    Loved the starting lines!

  8. Children are so amazing. Such innocence. Wish I still had that! :)

  9. I love the pictures in this post. Thank you for putting your link on Nihaoyall!

  10. that is so sweet! i'm glad you have casual conversations like these with your child

  11. Great blog!! So much fun stuff..I am a new follower! Come by and check out mine @!

    Thanks for all the great ideas!



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