Saturday, July 30, 2011

More of my Faves.....

I had a very hard time stopping at just my "Friday Faves" this week! There was just too much creative inspiration going on at Creative Bloggers' Party and Hop not to share a few more awesome projects with you

Sunny Vanilla is a such a great blog I found this week at the Party....she shared a super cute and easy tutorial for Button Art...

Simple, yet it makes quite the statement. There are tons of possibilities for this wheels are already turning!

My friend Libby from A Perfectly Crazy Life shared how she made this seriously adorable cupcake stand from dollar store burner covers and candle sticks...

Looks like it's time for a trip to the dollar store! Such a pretty outcome!

You have to see how Suzie, from the The Accent Piece, turned an outdated chest of drawers she bought at a garage sale into this amazing beauty

Her pictures make me feel like I am flipping through the pages of House have to go over and check this out!

I am always so amazed at the awesome projects going on at Crafty, Scrappy, Happy. My wonderful friend Jamie shared a beautiful new bed she and her hubby made from old doors they picked up at a yard sale....

So pretty.....and now I think I need to head off to some yard sales!!!

So there you have it....and if you aren't inspired now, I'm not sure what it would take :)

Ladies, thank you so much for sharing your wonderful creativity with all of us!
And, feel free to grab a featured button if you want, it would make me so happy :)


Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Faves....

I am so excited to share some of the amazing projects I found while co-hosting Creative Bloggers' Party and Hop this week!! It was so much fun meeting so many new friends...and the creativity at this party was off the charts!!
With over 275 submissions it was pretty hard to choose my I'll be sharing a few more tomorrow so stay tuned :)
I have also been sharing some of these amazing projects on my Facebook Page .....if you have seen your project there feel free to grab a featured button too!

Now it's time for.....

I fell in love with this cutie pie project and also this blog..... Lindsay from Southern Lovely gave such a great tutorial for making a little guy tie....

So cute I can't stand it!! I will have to make a few of these for my little guy too!

Up next, Jamie from The Creative Imperative has been sharing a little Mod Podge Mania on her blog...and we all know how I feel about Mod Podge :) She shared this oh so sweet picture plaque she made for her father-in-law's birthday...the beautiful tutorial helps you through every step...

It's such a sweet gift...the picture she used is so looks like a picture that comes with a frame when you buy it!

I have to say that when I found this next project I had to read the post over and over a few times to make sure I wasn't looking at a picture from a magazine.....This, my friends, is her actual bedroom!!! Stacy from Conspicuous Style is an attorney turned interior decorator and if her attorney skills are anything like her decorating out! This lady is amazing!

Amazing, right? You have to go over and check out the details of this beautiful bedroom makeover!!

And last but not least...I wanted to share a beautiful bathroom makeover. The one and only SJ from Homemaker on a Dime (our fabulous host for Creative Bloggers' Party and Hop) created this gorgeous bathroom on a budget using a gift card she won....

I love the colors! So simple and oh so elegant! Great job SJ!!

So there you have it...My Friday Faves!! Stay tuned, I'll be sharing more of your amazing projects tomorrow!!

A HUGE thank you to all who linked up! I feel so inspired by all of you and can't wait to keep in touch!

If you were featured here or on Facebook this week, feel free to grab a featured would make me so happy!!


See you again soon!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Link Party and Birthday Details.....

I have been having a blast co-hosting the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop...there is still some time to go over and link up your projects! I have been making so many new friends and have been so inspired by all the fun projects I have found there...I can't wait to share some of them with you later in the week!

Today, I wanted to share some of the details of Nola's birthday party we had last Saturday...I still have  a very hard time saying out loud that she is seven!! happened and I am so happy that we were able to give a her a great day for her birthday...

The theme this year was...Pool Party!! So we packed up the cake, decorations, and food and headed to the grandparent's house for a fun family pool party....

Nola is now in love with these tiny little dolls called Polly Pocket (it was one of the only toys she asked for)  so I knew I wanted to add them to her her cake in some I decided to let them have a pool party too! The cake was pretty easy to decorate and after making a huge mess all over my kitchen...I was pretty happy with the way it turned out. It's all in the details...I love the little ring float the most :)

The goodie bags...(under the cake) I made with some scrapbook paper and card stock I had on hand and added some fun summery skittles. These, of course, were a hit with all the kiddos!

The food was just snack type food. We had cream cheese pinwheels, a fruit tray, chips, dip, homemade chex-mix (Nola's favorite!) and bacon wrapped smokies.... you have to try these little bites of heaven, I got the recipe from my friend at Love Sweet Love and they were a huge hit!

After everyone splashed around and cooled off for a while we ate all of those lovely snacks and cut the cake...
She was one happy girl!

And then it was time to open gifts!! (decidedly any birthday kid's favorite part!)
I just love that look on her face!

My birthday girl wanted me to add a huge thank you to all of our family that came from near and far to help celebrate with her. In her own words, " I had the best day EVER!! I must be one lucky girl!"

We are the lucky ones my sweet little girl! And I am so happy you had a great birthday!

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

I'm Co-Hosting Creative Bloggers' Party and Hop !!

Today is a pretty excitng day for me....I have always loved the great inspiration at Home Maker on a Dime but when SJ (the wonderful writer for this this blog) invited me to co-host her awesome weekly link up party, I was over the moon excited!

I just love the idea of this party....encourage inspired....and get creative!
Perfect! And right up my alley for sure!
SJ, Thanks for all of your wonderful encourgement as I get my feet wet in this world of blogging...your kindness has made it 100 times easier than I ever thought it would be!

Now...time for the rules. If you haven't linked up with Creative Bloggers' Party and Hop before there are only two simple rules:

1) link up whatever creative post you'd like to
share - can be a DIY project, decor, photography, crafts, recipes, link party,
poem, thrift finds, or that informative syndicated post that can make
us laugh, or cry - in short, whatever you're proud of! (No links to
businesses or giveaways. We have another party for these exclusively
this Tuesday called Market Your Biz & Giveaways at 5 pm, PST.)

 2) follow as many blogs as your heart desires, preferably starting first with
the one before you and after you, before branching out. (Following the
host and co-host, too, will be very much appreciated, and we'll
definitely follow back.)

Displaying the party button, though optional, is very much appreciated.

This is a combination of linky party (where we can show off our
creations) and of blog hop (where we can follow as many excellent
bloggers as we like), hence the name Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop.
Link opens up every Sunday at 5:00 pm, PST.
Because we like something different, we're using the reverse
entry for inlinkz - so the most recent participant will show up as
number 1, hence giving everybody a chance to get the #1 spot.

Time to get this party started!!

Creative Thought:

"To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong."

~Joseph Chilton Pearce

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Happy Birthday to My Litte Girl....

The day you were world stood still. I'm sure life went on everywhere else...but when the doctor put you safely into my arms, my world stopped. There was only you...and I knew my life would be forever changed....

Today, my sweet Nola, you are seven. I'm not sure where the time went but I can say I have loved every minute of it. Simply said, you amaze me. Your sweet spirit is one that belongs only to you, and the world, in my humble opinion, should be grateful to have you in it. I have had a reason to smile every day for seven years...this my dear, is a reason to celebrate! Today all of our family and friends will be celebrating you! But what you may not know is that everyday I have my own celebration because I am the lucky one you call "momma" and even if I live to be one hundred years old, this will always be my favorite title. Thank you for being you and loving me even when I feel like I have no clue what I am doing. I can't wait to see what this next year brings...but I have one request...let's not rush is so hard to see you growing so fast!

Happy Birthday Nola!!

Love~ Momma

Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Faves...

We had yet another fun filled week of swimming and hanging out with friends....and, have I mentioned lately that it's HOT!! Really, really hot and this little momma just can't stand the any crafting that has been going on has been in doors! But...I have loved taking a look at what all of you have been up to.
It's time to share my

I just love this Hungry Caterpillar party from Matthew's Family Happenings kiddos have gotten too big for this theme...but I have it pinned on Pinterest to keep in mind for baby #3!

It's so have to go over and check it out for all the fun details

Next up, is Amy from One Artsy Mama ....last week I told you about her giveaway I won.... and this week I couldn't help but to share this beautiful Anthropologie necklace knock-off. I personally like hers even better than the original and wish I had an ounce of that talent!
I just love all of those beautiful colors!

This week, Jen from Scissors and Spatulas shared a great summer time recipe for Tomato Pie...we will soon have more tomatoes than we will know what to do with and I can't wait to try this recipe
Just looking at this picture makes me so hungry!!

Thanks so much ladies for sharing your creativity with all of us!!

Feel free to grab a featured button if you like, it would make me so happy :)


Happy Friday!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

When Life Gives You Lemons....

Summertime and fresh lemonade are the perfect combo

Perfect Lemonade...

Remove wide strips of zest from 2 lemons with a vegetable peeler (do not remove the pith). Make 2 cups simple syrup (recipe below), adding the lemon zest before heating. Let cool, then pour into an ice-filled pitcher. Stir in 1/2 teaspoon salt, 2 cups each fresh lemon juice and water, and some lemon slices.
Simple Syrup: To make 2 cups simple syrup, bring 1 1/2cups each sugar and water to a boil, stirring until dissolved. Let cool.
(recipe from Food Network)

And how about some fun projects with lemons....

I just love how fun this easy DIY table runner is...For the tutorial head over to Better Homes and Gardens 
How great are these Lemonade themed printables? I can think of a ton of possibilities for these...thanks to Marry me You via Sweet Tooth you can download and print away!

This lemon sugar hand scrub would make a great gift.... the one and only Stephanie Lynn from Under the Table and Dreaming gives a beautiful tutorial on how to make it!

Feeling very inspired by summer...this is a painting I did for my daughter's future lemonade stand...she has dreams of making it big in the lemonade business... a girl can dream, right?
Thanks for taking a look at all of my lemony finds!
So, now we know, when life gives you lemons.....I guess you could try making some of these fun things!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tasty Tuesday...Not your Ordinary B.L.T

Hi there and welcome to this pregnant lady's favorite day.....
Tasty Tuesday!

Sometimes some of the most tasty creations come out of pure necessity.. as in...I'm hungry...really hungry...and I don't want to go to the grocery to buy anything...hmmm...what to do??

Starting with what we had, my hubby and I made a plan (well, really it was his plan, I was too hungry to think properly)

He went out in the garden and brought back these beauties

add in these other fine ingredients

Put them all together and you get......

Not your Ordinary B.L.T
1 green tomato
1/2 cup panko bread crumbs
a small bunch of arugula
4 slices of bacon
toasted bread

Step 1: Fry bacon until crisp and remove from pan....leave drippings in the pan
Step 2: Slice green tomato, place in a large Ziploc bag and pour in the panko bread crumbs. Shake the bag until the tomato slices are coated well.
Step 3: Fry the tomatoes in the bacon drippings...remove from pan and sprinkle with salt
Step 4: Assemble your sandwich and enjoy!!

This may just be my new favorite really is that good!

I told you it was good :) other news...(I may be the last one to know this) The Pioneer Woman will have her own show on

How exciting is that?? Find out the details of the her new show HERE !

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Monday, July 18, 2011

DIY Beaded Bookmark....And a Feature!

Before I share my beaded bookmark project....I wanted to let all of you, my friends, know that Frugalicious Me has featured my blog as part of her "New Gal on the Blog" series!! I am so honored and thankful to have such wonderful support and is the very reason I love to blog so much! Thanks again Tasha for putting a giant smile on this girl's face :D

Now....back to your regular scheduled program :)

This little project will help you to never lose your place in a good book again....

To make a beaded bookmark you will need:

Hemp and beads
Start by measuring your book....make a knot at each end, leaving 4 or 5 inches of overhang on each end to add your beads.

After each bead is added, knot the hemp, and then do one final knot to secure them all.

These bookmarks make great gifts when you are passing a book along to a friend.

Now....time to read :)

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