Friday, November 18, 2011

The Voice Behind......Sunny Vanilla

I am so excited about this new series....I just really loved the idea of getting to know some of these fabulous inspiring bloggers. I let you all get to know me a bit more last week, today we get to meet

The voice behind....... Sunny Vanilla


 I just love the name of your blog, how did you come up with it?

  This is a great question!  I remember when I sat down to write my very first blog entry, I decided to talk about my blog name.  Sunny Vanilla is me!  I'm part introvert, part goof ball.  The "sunny" side is my goofy, dorky, wanna make you laugh side while the "vanilla" side is my quiet, laid back, love for libraries side.  I think I just said the word "side" way to many times.

 Why did you decide to start blogging?

  I actually started with a personal family blog when we had our daughter.  It was a place for me to keep track of all her accomplishments, milestones, and all the in between stuff that she'll want to read one day when she's my age.  Because I also love to sew and craft, I decided to start writing a second blog...enter Sunny Vanilla.

What is your favorite DIY project that you have shared on your blog?

 I have a couple, but I would have to say my milk carton rings upcycle project.

Oh, I love that one too!

Where do you find your inspiration?

I find inspiration everywhere - people's clothing, the fabric store, TV, other blogs, books, magazines, thrift stores...etc.  I think inspiration is all around us.

When did you open your  Etsy shop? Have you had a good experience with it so far?

 I just opened my Etsy shop in July.  I'm still very much a newbie with Etsy.  I'd like to get to a point where I can do some advertising on other blogs, but right now, I'm building up my products.  I'd like to have that in place before I take it to the next level. 

 What type of items do you sell in your shop? Will you be adding new items?

  I sell diaper bags, diaper bag rolls, and makeup rolls.  The diaper bags are my newest venture, but I will also be adding a couple other things in the next month.

Bag, tote, floral print, carry on under 100

Diaper Bag Roll - The Hopscotch

I love the diaper bags you have added...they are so stylish!

When did you learn to sew, who taught you? 

 I actually learned to sew in college, but it didn't last because my mom's old machine would always conk out on me.  It wasn't until recently, when I started to stay at home with my daughter, that I really taught myself how to make things.  My dad found a Brother sewing machine at a garage sale and I've been addicted ever since.

What was your first sewing project? Did it work out (or in my case) was it an epic fail? 

 My first sewing project was a skirt for a swing dance {remember when swing music made a semi-comeback in the late 90's} that I was going to with my boyfriend.  I wanted it to be nice and big and twirly so I could really cut a rug on the dance floor.  Well, it was a total fail.  I actually wore it, but it had to be taken in with safety pins on both
sides of me.  I have no idea how I came up with the dimensions for it ;-) 

What do you gain from being a part of the blogging world....have you had a good experience from it? 

 I think for most people, what they want to gain from blogging is recognition of some sort.  Whether it's to promote a shop or to share a creative idea.  For me personally, I would love for something to come of all this hard work.  I'm not sure what it is yet, but I'm having fun figuring it out!

and for my favorite question.....

 What do you hope people say about you behind your back? (haha.... not to sound obsessed with what people think, but I tend to think about this from time to time and hope that I come across the right way, you know?) 

Behind my back?  I hope they're sayin', "Man I like her!"  Ha!  In all seriousness, I hope people think I'm genuinely a kind person.  If my daughter grows up knowing that people think of her mom as a good, kind person, then I couldn't ask for much more.

 Well, Jen...I can safely say, "Man I like her!"
Thanks so much for letting us get to know you better and hear the voice behind Sunny Vanilla!

I look forward to getting to know more of you out here in blog land, so stay tuned for more from the "Voice Behind...." series!
Man, I am so nosey sometimes, haha!


  1. Thanks for doing this series. I'm such a nosy butt that I love reading about other people. :O)

    Jen, thanks for sharing some of you with us!

  2. This is a great series. Nice to learn more about Sunny Vanilla.

  3. I just read my post like I'd never read it before and it made me smile. I hope your readers like it too! Thanks for having me today :-)

  4. Gracious, your blog is so stinking fun!! I love it!! Thanks for all the great ideas...hop over and check mine sometime. I am a Christian SAHM and hope to feature some crafts of my own soon!


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