Saturday, November 19, 2011

Kids crafts....And a Visit From My Little Brother

This past Friday we got a fun surprise delivered right to our front door! sent us an amazing box of supplies so that my kiddo's imaginations could run wild instead of their feet running wild in our house :) And oh, how very grateful I was for that!

sorry for the terrible phone picture, the kids couldn't find it in themselves to wait until I got the camera out!

So much fun! Beads, glitter sticks, bells, rainbow pom poms, colored craft sticks, and glitter, oh my!

We couldn't wait to get started.....

But, wait! I can't say anymore without introducing my little, even though he is taller than me, eleven year old brother, Zeb.

I earned major cool points with him on this particular day...he loves being creative, and to be honest I didn't have anything planned for his visit that day. I was so glad that this super cool box of supplies landed right on our door least I could pretend that it was all part of my plan :)
We decided on Christmas decorations and even fired up the Bing Crosby Holiday album while we crafted....

Aren't they sweet, all hard at work!

Here are a few of the goodies they came up with.... Kids Crafts supplies are available at Wal-Mart and if you visit their website, HERE you can get tons of fun rainy day, holiday, or any old day craft ideas!
 Your kids will love you for it...and probably think you are pretty cool too :)
Happy Crafting!


  1. How fun! I bet your kids loved making things. Cute little projects!


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