Friday, October 21, 2011

She's my Sister....and I Love Her.....

I have always known how blessed I am to have a sister like mine. She's such an encouragement in my life. She sort of thinks everything I do is great...even if I think it's a fail.

Awww...aren't we cute?? I know you're jealous of my awesome sweater too, right?

My sister and her family recently made a decision that she would be a stay at home momma to her beautiful kids....this was a big deal in her life because since she was old enough to work she has. And...she has worked harder than anyone I know. She still works harder than anyone I know, she just doesn't get a paycheck for it now. I know this has been an adjustment for their family and to help out she has started a home business as an Avon rep.
I am just so proud of her for so many reasons and because she has always been my biggest cheerleader, I want to cheer for her now.

I hope you can take a little time to check out her
 online shop
...and  until Midnight 10/21 (that's today!!) you can get free shipping on orders $10 and up! Just use the code FREEFALL
And...did you know that Avon now has the cutest line of baby products too?? You know I love this stuff! I love it all waaaay to much :)

Cool stuff, huh?
 And if you have decided to make an order today and support her, I want to say a huge
on her behalf....I know how much she appreciates it!

Thanks for taking some time to get to know my sister a little bit.....she's the BEST!
She makes me smile...and when it comes down to it, we all need someone that makes us smile :)

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