Sunday, October 2, 2011

Momma's Day Out.....Well, Sort Of......

From the title of this post you may think that I had a day free to myself...well....that wasn't quite the case, but I did have a day out with my big kids. And, man do we know how to have fun!
Our town held it's annual street festival on the square yesterday and since I could hear the music from our back yard, the sun was shining, and hubby was home from work to cuddle and take care of the little guy, I decided it was time to show Nola and Bryce momma can still be pretty fun. (Even if I'm a little sleep deprived!) we went. It felt so good to be making the walk 20lbs lighter, I noticed for the first time in a while that I was moving faster than the kids!

We started with a little sliding....

Just a guess, but I think he liked it! (Nola was hiding from the camera, but she was smiling too!)

Next, a little Italian Ice...and bigger smiles!

A little practice karate chopping....

And of course we had to take in an awesome ninja show!

And there were lots of pretty things for momma to drool over look at too! (Jewelweed is one of my favorite local gems)

And when the day was all done, the only thing left to do......

Was snuggle in for some rest :)


  1. Looks like a fun day! Super cute little kiddos. :) And that sweet baby, SO adorable!

  2. Oh my gosh that looks like such a fun time.


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