Monday, October 10, 2011

Guest Blogger....Literally Inspired

Today's guest blogger is my friend Ginger from Literally Inspired. She is so wonderfully talented and I am so happy she took some time to share a great project with all of us today! I'll be quiet now and let her do the talking...... 

congratulations carmella and family on little liam. he is the cutest little thing. i get baby fever every time i look at him! shhh.... don't tell my husband he might go all jerry maguire on me and freak out.
now that i am done gushing over liam - hello creative carmella friends! i am stoked to be over here today. my name is ginger and i blog over at literally inspired. it's my little place where i share my thoughts on books, family, life, and my attempts at crafting. i am just your average southern girl trying to navigate through motherhood and still keep a part of myself. i also just opened a little etsy shop if you wanted to take a peek.

i thought i would share with you a cute embroidery hoop project today. i put a list of possible ideas together on my blog and i decided to make a cute display for my son's artwork. he is quite the little creative at playschool.

this project was super easy to put together. most of my projects are. i figure, life is complicated enough so keep everything else simple.

you will need:
[] embroidery hoops

[] fabric

[] paint

[] e600 glue (or something similar)

[] clothes pins

[] adorable artwork

first step:

paint your embroidery hoops and clothes pins. you really only have to paint the outside hoop because the inside hoop will be covered by fabric.

second step:

cut your fabric and place inside your hoop.

third step:

pull fabric where it is very taunt and trim excess. the tighter the fabric is in the hoop the better.
fourth step:

attach clothes pins with your glue of choice. my preference is e600.

fifth and final step:

find the perfect place to hang your hoops and add your artwork.

i love having this new set-up in our home. it shows off my budding artist and he is so proud seeing his artwork up on the wall and it also helps me re-inforce everything he is learning in school.

thank you so much for having me carmella and congratulations again on your new addition!

Ginger, thank you so much for sharing this adorable way to celebrate our little artists! My kiddos are going to love this idea.....I know their momma sure does :)



  1. I love the way you hung the hoops on your wall. Looks really nice!

    Amy @ A Little Nosh

  2. I just love Ginger's blog! This is a really fun project! Very cute as well!


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