Monday, September 12, 2011

Winner Time!! And a Few Belly Laughs......

So it's time that I announced the winner of the Necklace Giveaway.....But I really need to say first just how blessed I feel for all of your wonderful encouragement! I plan to sell these and a few other things this weekend at my first ever craft fair (this will be the first time I've been brave enough to sell anything I have made) And all of your feedback gave me the confidence I needed! So THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

I used to find the winner and the lucky lady is......

 she said....
and a facebook follower! ... did I mention that these necklaces are really pretty?! they are :)
 Congrats Jess...I'll be getting in touch with you soon! other news....I'm still pregnant....want to see just how pregnant??

18 days and counting!!

Yesterday was such an emotional day, I know you all probably felt the same way...I spent most the day crying and trying to stay clear of the television. But, I needed to remember that day...remember all those precious lives lost....and remember to count my blessings right here in my own home.

Today....I need a reason to laugh, maybe you do too, so here are a few funny stories for you....

This past week, I took my 4 year old to Chick-fil-a for lunch. While ordering our food, I noticed that the cashier couldn't stop looking at my giant preggers belly. After she took the order she very sweetly asked, "What are you having?" and because we all need to have a little fun sometimes, I answered her with a straight face, "I'm having a chicken sandwich." Her eyes got wide, and she didn't know what to say...I didn't leave her hanging for long...I started laughing and told her I was having a boy...hehehe
She laughed so hard (mostly in relief I think) and said she wouldn't forget that line for a long time!

How about one more...
When I was pregnant with my daughter, my very first pregnancy, I was sent to a small lab near my doctor's office to do my blood glucose test. Some of you may already know that this is when you drink this terribly sweet, awful tasting drink, wait an hour and have your blood drawn. This particular office was so small and packed with other patients that after giving me my drink, I asked the nurse if I could step outside into the breezeway to have my drink. So...there I was holding my little Dixie cup of awfulness, poised and ready for my first sip. It really was awful, so I made a face. At the same time I looked up to see an elderly lady sitting on a bench in front of me. The look on her face was that of pure shock....I thought, "wow...why is she staring at me like that? I'm the one who has to drink this stuff....a little sympathy would be nice."
I forged on...and I finished the cup in one big gulp...and there was the lady again making that face! Hmmmm....oh well, at least I was finished.
I took my cup back inside to show the nurse that I had finished so she could tell me to come back in exactly one hour for my blood draw.  I passed the cup to her and just as I released it from my hand to hers I read the words on the pre-printed Dixie cup......."Urine Analysis Sample" !!!!!
I said, " you just have me drink from that cup!!"
The nurse replied, "Oh, I am so sorry...we ran out of our non-printed ones and this was all we had...don't worry...hahaha it was clean."
I got out of that office so fast, past the lady sitting on the bench and to my car where I could cry and laugh so hard I looked like a crazy person!

So...there you have it...a few of my belly laughs....
I would love to hear yours...pregnancy related or not...this momma needs to laugh today! So share away!!

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  1. First Congrats to Jill on winning the necklace... I'm kinda jealous... haha

    Second You are a beauty Carmella! Your belly is very cute!

    Thanks for the laugh! Wish I could remember a funny story but something about having a newborn wipes your memory...

  2. and by Jill I mean Jess... lol oops see what I mean about the newborn thing... haha

  3. Congrats to the winner. But I'm jealous! :)

    LOVE the story about the urine sample cup. HELLO! Run to Dollar General and get some more, right? HAHA

    Great picture of you!

  4. You look awesome! Don't you love all the looks you get at the end of a pregnancy. Only a little while longer! Good luck~

  5. Thank you SO much. I rarely (and I pretty much mean never) win anything. ;) I'm excited & grateful! ...and your story about the urine sampe cup had me giggling in my office.

    You look amazing btw, really, you do!

  6. I was just stopping by your blog to see if you were still pregnant! You look great! I had my little guy almost two weeks ago. Love the story about the urine sample cup. I know you have two other little ones too, so just wait until you have yours to see the looks you get then. I am sure I look like a crazy person with my hair pulled up in a messy ponytail, bags under my eyes, and a newborn strapped to my chest while dragging my two and four year old through the grocery store. We've only ventured out a couple of times and I cannot tell you how many people stare or have stopped me to say, "Wow, you have your hands full." You think? lol!

  7. You look gorgeous. :) I looove those stories too; I would have loved to see the look on the Chick-fil-a cashier's face! I never think fast enough to say things like

  8. OH my gosh that is hilarious I can just see that lady telling all of her friends about the crazy pregnant lady drinking pee.

  9. First off, you look adorable! Second, that story about the urine cup is hysterical. I just spit up my drink reading that.

  10. awhhh that what great stories and I am so happy for your winner.... but I really really have to say you might just be the most adorable prego gal EVER! It that just a thing when you never have been pregnant that you drool over the cute gals who are? I am assuming I will get over that one once I am right? Anyways awhhhh I am sooo excited for you!!! :o) 18 days and counting!!!!
    ps still smiling right now from you stories!


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