Saturday, September 3, 2011

What I know for sure......

There are very few things in life that seem as constant as time moving forward....I say this because yesterday I turned 30. I turned 30 and I was fretting over the very idea of being 30. What is it about that number that can send chills, make me want to run away from myself, or at the very least pretend like it never even happened?
The days leading up this year's birthday were met with a few hidden tears.... I can't even pretend I wasn't emotional about it, but sometime yesterday morning......I just GOT OVER IT.  I moved on.....

As with every birthday, my own or someone else's, they are often bitter sweet. Another year has passed.... a change inevitably has occurred. (as you may have noticed, I don't handle change well)
But what I know for that I live a life where I willingly put my faith in God's hands. So when he gives me another year to be surrounded by my beautiful family and's like he has whispered to me, "there's still more to be done." 
So, today I am a very happy 30 year old. And I will remember to be grateful for everyday....every moment I am given....all 30 years of them.


  1. Happy birthday! I am almost there with you at 30! Hope this year brings more happiness & joy than you know!

  2. Happy Birthday...I loved my thirties. My kids were home and I had way too much to do. I'm 52 now, my kids are grown and I had to start a blog to keep myself busy. Enjoy every minute!

  3. Happy belated Birthday! I was very excited to turn 30, but I took 25 similar to how you took 30. I just had a birthday on 9/1 (32), and I tell you what - I really love my 30s. I feel like God has changed my life more in the past two years than in my whole adult life combined. It only gets better! If you let it, of course!

  4. Happy Belated Birthday Carmella!
    I celebrated mine on the 3rd and while 26 is great I get a little more sad each year I get closer to 30.... Just I number but I think it marks the fact that we are "all grown up"


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