Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Before Blogging Post....Fall is Here....

While I am busy staring at and taking care of this sweet baby boy 

I wanted to share a fun idea for a pumpkin carving we did a few years ago.....long before I knew about this blogging world :)
I only have the "after" picture because why in the world would I have taken pictures of the entire process, who would want to see that??

It's a pretty easy process....and the outcome was pretty cute.....

The year I made this guy, we had a TON of watermelons in our garden...they continued to grow well into Fall so I decided to use one of them because the shape was right and so was the price (free!)

Here's what you will need:
Pumpkin (or in my case a very dark watermelon)
sunflower seeds
Popsicle sticks
hot glue gun

Start by trimming a flat bottom for your owl.
Then make three cuts. Two circle eyes and a triangle beak.
Hot glue the sunflower seeds in a double layer around the eyes, and glue sunflower seeds to the ends of Popsicle sticks for the "ears" and feet
To add the Popsicle sticks you may have to make a small cut in the pumpkin....

And, that's it! A perfect owl for Fall :)

And here's Nola and Bryce that same year....this was back in the days of Nola being able to talk her little brother into anything she wanted. This year he wants to be a power ranger and nobody (and I do mean nobody) can talk him out of it....

Happy Fall!

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  1. cute cute pumpkin-melon! And how sweet are those cuties!? awhhh what a sweet costume choice! Wonder what little liam will be this year! :o) baby costumes are so darn cute!

  2. Aw, you have the cutest little kiddos! I love those ruby red slippers. My older daughter had the same ones, gotta love Target. :) Your pumpkins are adorable as well!

  3. You are busy. If you've got an extra minute, it would be great to have you link this post to my weekly meme Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  4. Cuuuuute owl! So glad you linked! And boy, oh, boy, how cute are those kiddos of yours? What adorable costumes! Bryce will be a cute Power Ranger too, I'm sure. N has his heart set on being a dragon...I know what you mean, there's no talking them out of it!

  5. Super cute!! Feel free to link this up at my 10 Crafty Days of Halloween linky party:

  6. How unique and beautiful..I love it..I would love for you to pls link and share this via my linky party today ~ Pin Inspitational Thursdays via TY. ps: officially following ya :))

  7. Love the owl idea! Cute but not spooky...just the way I like it :)


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