Thursday, July 14, 2011

Happy Momma.....

I am such a blessed momma....two happy kiddos....who happen to be very happy about having a new brother soon.

I asked them if they wanted to help out with decorating the baby's room and you know their answer was, "YES!"

I got them started with some acrylic paint...I just put out the colors of the baby's room on a plate and let their imaginations take over......

I think the new artwork is pretty priceless.....then again, I am the momma...I think every thing they do is priceless :)
This is what they came up with.....

I haven't started hanging pictures yet, but I'll find a nice home for these and what a sweet reminder of how happy they are to add one more blessing to our family.
I can't wait to meet this little guy....


  1. I LOVE framed kid's artwork. It makes a home look chic and also real.
    Love it :)

  2. I love love love this, Carmella. So sweet, and it will mean so much to them and to their little brother to have their gifts in his room!

  3. ok that is so sweet it made me cry! love it!

  4. I love it and I am sure the new little man will love it too. A piece to cherish.


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