Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Gift.....Just a Little Late :)

I really had been meaning to get this gift finished for last know, when it was actually Teacher Appreciation week, but life got in the way. This would still make a very fun and meaningful gift for the end of the school year or any day of the year....our teachers really are amazing people!

I started with a 16 x 20in canvas and painted it with "baby blue" acrylic paint.
I then painted a circle large enough to fit 20 apples in with "leaf green"
To do the lettering...I usually free hand, but since this had a lot of lettering I wanted to make sure it was very uniform, I used a little trick....simply print out your words in any font you want and cut them out and tape to the back of the canvas...

Once you have taped down all your words, turn the canvas over and put it over a light source, I like to use a desk top lamp. At this point you can use the "shadow" effect that is going on and trace all your letters.....all that's left to do now is paint them all in....

Not sure how my shaky hand did it, but I managed to fit all 20 of the student's names into the apples.....(thank goodness for short names!)

I hope she likes it and will be reminded of what a great year we all had!

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  1. She will love it! How could she not? :-) It is absolutely adorable and so thoughtful!

  2. Adorable!! I am sure she will not mind having to wait a week for this fabulous gift. So meaningful and personal. Great job Carmella!


  3. What an adorable and priceless gift! I'm impressed you could fit the names on those little apples! Great job!

  4. Did you just draw the apples?


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